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ASSISTAmerican Stop Smoking Intervention Study
ASSISTAcquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System
ASSISTAlcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (World Health Organization)
ASSISTArticulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer (California)
ASSISTAutomated Systems Security Incident Support Team
ASSISTAlliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies
ASSISTAssociation of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin
ASSISTAutomated Special Security Information System Terminal
ASSISTArizona State System for Information on Student Transfer (community colleges, Phoenix, AZ)
ASSISTAcquisition Source Selection Interactive Support Tool
ASSISTAggies Selflessly Serving in Shaping Tomorrow
ASSISTAssociation for Studies in Innovation, Science and Technology (UK)
ASSISTAnalytical Services Statistical Information System (UK)
ASSISTArmy System for Standard Intelligence Support Terminal
ASSISTAble Students Supporting Instructing and Servicing Technology
ASSISTArmy Source Selection Interactive Support Tool
ASSISTAccount Service and Support Information System Tool
ASSISTASynchronous and Synchronous Integrated multimedia conferencing System for Teams
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Sometimes, he's going to turn it over and sometimes he'd going to get the assist.
A solid part would typically take about 3 min to cure, while gas assist reportedly can achieve a cycle time of 45 sec.
All of these are reasons why knowledgeable parties are quick to point out that WIT should not be considered a drop-in substitute for gas assist.
The first step in deciding whether an application is suited to gas assist is to ask yourself why you are choosing it," says Caropreso.
During the long period when gas assist was tied up in courts in the U.
NEW YORK -- Results of a national survey of 1,000 physicians revealed that a clear majority of physicians (57%) believe that it is ethical to assist an individual who has made a rational choice to die due to unbearable suffering, while 39% believe it is unethical.
For the last 2,400 years, the Hippocratic Oath warned us not to assist suicide and I do not want that privilege now.
Magic Johnson probably can't pass John Stockton on the all-time assist list.
And many said they did not know the proper lethal dose of drugs that would be used to assist a suicide.
ASC Medication Assist currently provides services in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Missouri.
BIST Assist enables unmatched performance insights to define production parameters and, with its leading-edge speed range, provides a solution for future generations of high-speed links.