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ÁFine-Structure Constant (Greek nomenclature; finite figure used in quantum mechanics to measure energy)
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The increase in use of asymmetric warfare tactics by belligerents like Taliban/TTP can also be attributed to the advancement in the fields of science and technology especially in the fields of cyber and information technology.
A function d : X x X [right arrow] R is an asymmetric metric and (X, d) is an asymmetric metric space if
The finite element result obtained using ANSYS computer program has been shown in Fig 11 for asymmetric bevel gear having higher pressure angle on drive side and Fig 12 depicts the finite element results for asymmetric bevel gear having lower pressure angle on drive side respectively.
If the direct profile is the active one, the gear is called "direct asymmetric gear", having k>1.
Most of the literature about the relationship of crony capitalism to the Asian financial crisis is not about this kind of asymmetric information issue.
Conflicts in Afghanistan tackles this issue by examining the five wars Afghanistan has waged against foreign powers over the past two centuries, all of which have involved forms of asymmetric warfare.
DDT is a mixture of three forms of the chemical, one of which has enantiomers--not due to the presence of an asymmetric carbon but the relative position of the chlorine atoms on each of the molecule's two benzene rings.
No other cases of bilateral, asymmetric mucoceles of the paranasal sinuses have been published.
An asymmetric bias, on the other hand, meant that the FOMC was leaning in one direction or the other, either toward raising or lowering rates.
The spectrum here was collected by ATR to provide a sufficiently short pathlength of polytetrafluoroethylene so that the asymmetric and symmetric stretches could be distinguished.
reported seven patients with acute onset of asymmetric weakness and areflexia but no sensory abnormalities.
The luminaire has 4 lamps located around the perimeter of the luminaire with asymmetric reflectors designed to control the lamp performance.