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We applied the log-linear Poisson regression model to adjust the asymptomatic ratio by the number of patients who had encephalitis and were infected by other pathogens, and also by age, sex, and vaccination status (online Technical Appendix Table) (15).
Whether symptomatic urinary tract infections are preceded by asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) is a matter of debate.
Dr Christow said: The finding of a higher rate of previous stroke in the asymptomatic patients despite no differences in the number of stroke risk factors may be explained by a longer but undiagnosed history of atrial fibrillation.
Because many Zika virus infections are asymptomatic (7), enhanced clinic-based surveillance will not detect all cases of Zika virus infection; in addition, there is always a risk of reintroduction of Zika virus to American Samoa, although a potential reintroduction is expected to be detected by continued enhanced surveillance at clinics.
When the group was split into 10-year age increments, asymptomatic fractures occurred in about 20% of each group from 55-64 years up to 85 years and older.
Consequently, providing simultaneous protection against both asymptomatic and symptomatic infections could contribute to reduced transmission and thus to indirect protection if the vaccine coverage rates are sufficient," the investigators wrote.
The USPSTF was unable to find adequate evidence on the direct harms of screening for OSA or the benefits of screening for OSA in asymptomatic populations, including their magnitude.
Rational Use of Computed Tomography for Individual Health Assessment in Asymptomatic Population in China
Coronary artery disease is generally detected at an advanced stage in type 2 diabetics, whereas an asymptomatic stage is commonly missed.
Conclusion: A significant number of asymptomatic persons have anomalous insertion of median arcuate ligament.
and there may even be some that are asymptomatic," said David Heymann, an infectious disease expert and head of global health security at Chatham House.
Asymptomatic carotid stenosis may not be asymptomatic after all.
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