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Keywords: E-Learning, students' perspective, asynchronous activities, synchronous activities
An experimental stand has been built for computerized control and monitoring of a three-phase asynchronous motor (Stoleru, 2009).
Despite this need for analysis of the asynchronous discussion forum, the literature is growing, but relatively small and spread across a wide array of disciplines ranging from education to physics to philosophy.
The analysis performed is not that of conversation, because discourse analysis is asynchronous, with an immediacy in retroaction and response that sometimes, as we have already indicated, may be restrictive.
High-frequency spindles with open-loop asynchronous motors cannot provide defined stop positions and can only produce sufficient torque at slower speeds if they are built as large-scale products," according to Jurgen Beck, Precise GmbH sales manager.
Work will enable control and monitoring of asynchronous or long-running web services, OASIS said.
Asynchronous communications of the past meant a letter, which two centuries ago could separate the writer and the reader by months.
html) uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, by permitting working executives to travel to different continents for two-week sessions each semester and then to complete the remaining coursework via the Web.
As distance education and scholarly communication shed their professorial classroom and asynchronous monastic garb in favor of collaborative learning, exploration, and real-time communication in virtual information environments, will library services to remote users be able to adapt and survive in this ultimately more integrated, fundamentally human, information environment?
This type of learning, which is known as asynchronous, does not require simultaneous participation.
The proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Asynchronous Systems and Circuits are contained in this volume, with 21 papers presented to engineers and practitioners who work with on-chip networks, low-power design and circuit and system synthesis.