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ASYNCInternational Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
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First, it was to develop and validate an instrument to measure the psychosocial learning environment in asynchronous, postsecondary distance education classes.
Discourse Functions and Syntactic Complexity in Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication.
The use of standard SystemVerilog allows designers to verify asynchronous and mixed asynchronous-synchronous circuits using any industry-standard simulation tools.
By supporting our new NetWare Global Messaging system, DigiBoard is providing NetWare customers with large numbers of users the best price/performance asynchronous communication adapter yet for their asynchronous network communications needs," said Carey Heckman, director of Messaging Product Marketing for Novell, Inc.
Alliance Memory, Inc was founded in May 2006 with the acquisition of the Fast Asynchronous SRAM business unit from Alliance Semiconductor formerly of Santa Clara, California.
After considering a variety of solutions, the committee decided to create an asynchronous, Web-based orientation by Fall 2002.
Today, Microdyne is teaming with Novell to provide powerful, full-featured solutions for businesses looking to provide remote asynchronous connectivity to or from their LANs.
Key considerations when evaluating an asynchronous replication solution include:
A similar result was found by Kamhi-Stein (2000) who reports that both novice native English speakers in the subject area and non-native English speakers were motivated to participate in an online bulletin board by its asynchronous nature.
Asynchronous communications of the past meant a letter, which two centuries ago could separate the writer and the reader by months.
The fully asynchronous course places the burden of learning on the student, but not all students are self-motivated.
Remote access facilitates both the synchronous and asynchronous transfer of information.