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ATHAbsolute Threshold of Hearing
ATHAttention Hang-Up
ATHAbbreviated Trouble History
ATHAthens, Greece - Hellinikon (Airport Code)
ATHArts Theme House (Duke University; Durham, NC)
ATHApplications Techniques Hydrauliques (French hydraulics company)
ATHassign thresholds (US DoD)
ATHArmored Trooper Heavy (Votoms)
ATHAir Touraine Hélicoptère (French helicopter transportation company)
ATHAUTODIN Transitional Hub
ATHAlgorithm Test Harness
ATHAxially Tilted Hyperbola (antenna)
ATHAutomatic THrottle
ATHAll Time High
ATHAssociate of Theology (various schools)
ATHAdenotonsillar Hypertrophy
ATHAir Transat Holidays
ATHAuthorization to Hire
ATHAbove the Horizon
ATHArtificial Time History
ATHAir Transportable Hospital
ATHAddicted to Hardstyle
ATHAvian Thymic Hormone
ATHAround the Horn (ESPN show)
ATHA Toda Hora (Spanish: At All Times; Puerto Rico automatic teller machine)
ATHAluminum Trihydrate
ATHAndrews Travel House (UK)
ATHArmchair Treasure Hunt (UK)
ATHAcceleration Time History
ATHAsia Timber House (Malaysia)
ATHAsk the Headhunter (est. 1995)
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Annualized seven key markets (the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and Japan); Atherosclerosis or Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) therapeutics market revenues data from 2005 to 2010, forecast for seven years to 2018.
The researchers also scanned their arteries for signs of atherosclerosis to assess heart disease risk and measured levels of inflammation in the bloodstream, a major physiological risk factor for atherosclerosis and premature death by heart disease.
Results--In the first model, including 7683 birds, age, female sex, and the genera Psittacus, Amazona, and Nymphicus were significantly associated with clinically relevant atherosclerosis detected via necropsy.
Atherosclerosis was common in four pre-industrial populations including preagricultural hunter-gatherers.
The absence of carotid atherosclerosis cannot rule out coronary atherosclerosis in RA patients in the same way that it does in the general population," Dr.
The researchers diagnosed atherosclerosis by two measures: coronary artery calcium detected by electron beam CT, and carotid artery plaque visualized with ultrasound.
As a conclusion, this study is providing noteworthy clinical and demographic data different to previous studies those focused on the hemodynamic features of MB and hemodynamic causes of atherosclerosis development secondary to MB.
Dissection of normal human coronary arteries is relatively straightforward along natural planes inside the periadventitial fat, whereas this boundary fuses in the presence of advanced atherosclerosis.
Furthermore, Mach notes that marijuana smoke injures the lungs, and so may promote atherosclerosis.
The researchers studied one other pollutant, ozone, and found some correlations but no significant link with atherosclerosis.
Or they can identify a marker for atherosclerosis and create a targeted medication, she says.
Age, LDL cholesterol, and smoking (cigarette pack-years) were strong predictors of atherosclerosis in the 148 persons with HIV who were studied; Latino race and high blood pressure were weaker predictors.
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