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ATTRAttribute (computer programming)
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Airstrikes, logistic shortfalls, and mechanical breakdowns began to attrite the Syrian armor, and the Israelis, who had flown reconnaissance missions over Jordan on September 21 and 22, assessed that the Syrians would encounter serious logistic difficulty within 3 to 4 days.
But if the Joint Resolution passes as is in our budget, it's likely they'll have to maintain some sort of managed hiring process in order for those programs to then attrite down as we requested.
Beyond this charge, Delphi should continue to attrite its higher cost workforce approximately 4.
As compared to customers without any electronic transactions into or out of their account, those with direct deposit are over 80 percent less likely to attrite and over twice as profitable.
We see the Taliban reaction, engaging Marine patrols with harassing fire from further afield and changing how they employ IEDs to attrite foot patrols.
Medical treatment brokers abroad attrite Health Ministry's budget.
23) The Germans were also quick to adapt to subsurface warfare and were notorious in their use of submarines to attrite Allied forces.
1% of career missionaries leave the field each year and, of those who leave, 71% attrite for preventable reasons (Taylor, 1997).
He added, "Not to graduate these accounts then to the higher level of account status creates a negative self-fulfilling prophesy; they will simply and inevitably attrite to another issuer who gives them a better value proposition that they now deserve.
On average, lower economic status households were more likely to attrite between the two waves, so without weighting, the PPHS-2010 would be lesser representative of lower economic status households than would be a random household survey.
According to Rand Corporation report, terrorist groups might be able to buy small, armed drones and smaller systems could become the next IEDs, low-cost, low-tech weapons that are only of limited lethality individually but attrite significant numbers of US or allied personnel when used in large numbers over time.