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AUDACIOUSAdaptable Urban Drainage Addressing Change in Intensity Occurrence and Uncertainty of Stormwater (UK)
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War rages yet with the audacious Boythorn, though at uncertain intervals, and now hotly, and now coolly, flickering like an unsteady fire.
Then the bands played their most stirring music while Glinda's army marched into the city, and heralds proclaimed the conquest of the audacious Jinjur and the accession of the beautiful Princess Ozma to the throne of her royal ancestors.
I told him I thought he might better spare all his rabbits than she her cat, for which audacious assertion he treated me to some rather ungentlemanly language; and I fear I retorted a trifle too warmly.
A bolder man might still have maintained the audacious position which he had assumed.
With this audacious preface, he proceeds to state the conditions on which he will play his part in the conspiracy, and die (if he does die) worth a thousand pounds.
Nothing is more natural, therefore, than to perceive them applying their audacious ingenuity to the science of gunnery.
This recital will destroy many illusions and surmises; but it will give a true idea of the singular changes in store for such an enterprise; it will bring out the scientific instincts of Barbicane, the industrious resources of Nicholl, and the audacious humor of Michel Ardan.
The poisonous flies and gnats swarmed around by thousands; in vain one waved myrtle-branches about like mad; the audacious insect population did not cease to sting; nor was there a single person in the well-crammed carriage whose face was not swollen and sore from their ravenous bites.
Munjal's book, Audacious Endeavors: Eight Steps to Light Your Inner Fire and Change the World Through Socially Conscious Business, is a step-by-step guide on how to align your soul's mission (inner artist) with the new economy through socially conscious business practices.
HMS Audacious outside its indoor ship building complex at BAE Systems, Barrow-in-Furness, yesterday
It is indeed audacious of Justice (r ) Amir Raza that he has still chosen to investigate the Cyril leak despite rejection by opposition parties," he said.
Imagine what people thought when the Buddha abandoned his life as a prince: when such teachings were truly audacious.