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AUDAustralian Dollar
AuDDoctor of Audiology
AUDAmerican University in Dubai
AUDAssociation for Union Democracy (New York)
AUDAlcohol Use Disorder
AUDAllocation Unique Dégressive
AUDAgence d'Urbanisme et de Développement (French: Planning and Development Agency; Saint-Omer, France)
AUDAdd Update Delete
AUDAvailable for Use Data
AUDAuthentification Universelle de Documents (French: Universal Authentication of Documents)
AUDAcute-Use Drugs
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We are doctorate-level audiologists who understand the science and physiology of the ear.
By offering highly professional and unique services to the marketplace, audiologists are signaling to consumers that their value is well beyond the delivery of traditional hearing aids.
Only one audiologist suggested for one module that there could be a time constraint problem.
It offers a personal touch, and when it appears on Facebook, business websites and other media in search engines, it enables a much more prominent audiologist marketing opportunity.
By measuring multiple frequencies, the audiologist ensures that the entire range of hearing has been tested.
He added that the center probably needs to hire one more audiologist "to bring us up to the level we want in 2008.
Laurie Eisenberg , an audiologist and associate scientist in the research department of the House Institute's Children's Auditory Research and Evaluation Center, said doctors were criticized for performing the first implants on children.
Branson and Miller critically address the impact of this "normalizing" treatment on deaf people for the early twentieth-century when audiologists played key roles in determining who was "treatable" for residual hearing.
In order to pursue a career as a certified audiologist, one must attain a graduate degree in audiology from a school accredited by ASHA's Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA), pass a written examination, and complete a 36-week postgraduate clinical fellowship as well as 375 hours of supervised clinical experience.
SPRING CLEAN: Terry Franklin (left) hands over the ultrasonic bath to audiologist Shellie Roberts and chief audiologist Andrew Carter.
WORKING as a hearing aid audiologist means Sheila Owen can quite literally transform people's lives.
These tests are often given by a health-care professional that specializes in hearing, such as an audiologist.