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AUGAugustus (title for a Roman emperor)
AUGAustralian University Games
AUGApple User Group
AUGAxalon Underground (webpage)
AUGArmee-Universal-Gewehr (German: Army Universal Gun)
AUGAmerican Underwriters Group
AUGAdd-ons & Upgrades
AUGAugusta Railroad Company
AUGAdministrative Unit Group (IETF)
AUGAugusta, ME, USA - Maine State (Airport Code)
AUGapplication user group (US DoD)
AUGAntelope Users Group
AUGAl-Azhar University of Gaza (Gaza-Strip - Palestine)
AUGAutomatic Universal Gerwehr
AUGArab United Group (importing and exporting; Cairo, Egypt)
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My father, however, whose temper was neither tranquil nor cheerful by nature, often unduly vexed himself with thinking of the sacrifices his dear wife had made for him; and troubled his head with revolving endless schemes for the augmentation of his little fortune, for her sake and ours.
He hath by rote the name of every knight of France or of England; and all the tree of his family, with his kinships, coat-armor, marriages, augmentations, abatements, and I know not what beside.
Parker, explaining that when plastic surgeons refer to submuscular, partial submuscular or "under the muscle" breast implant placement, they are in fact almost always talking about dual plane breast augmentation.
These consistently shaped and sized particles have proven safe and biocompatible, while allowing gradual tissue in-growth for a long-lasting augmentation effect.
Orthovita is nearing completion of patient enrollment for its pivotal, prospective, randomized clinical study for CORTOSS Bone Augmentation Material, which has been conducted under an FDA Investigational Device Exemption (IDE).
Ditesheim, who specializes in patient-centered breast augmentation and breast revision surgery at his Charlotte, NC practice.
Women seek breast augmentation at all stages of their lives, including what might be considered middle age," says Dr.
However, it also provides a perfect opportunity to prepare our bodies for the beach with treatments like breast lift with augmentation from the celebrated double board-certified surgeon Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS - or Dr.
Our ability to offer surgeons in the United States a comprehensive portfolio of saline-filled and silicone gel-filled breast implants results in greater options for women considering breast augmentation, reconstruction or revision surgery.
While most have found the technical and aesthetic benefits as well as cost abstruse, the subpopulation of women desiring a more natural beauty in their breast augmentation have long celebrated Dr.
His proven success in the accounting professional services industry is vital in helping deliver our unique blend of project management and staff augmentation services to our clients.
13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When women want to enhance their breasts through an augmentation procedure, many think that attractive cleavage is an inherent result.