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AUKAmerican University of Kuwait
AUKAmerican University in Kosovo (est. 2003)
AUKAlt.Usenet.Kooks (newsgroup)
AUKAlakanuk, Alaska (Airport Code)
AUKAgriculture in the United Kingdom (government publication)
AukAukshtaitian (linguistics)
AUKAuthorized User Key
AUKArmor Upgrade Kit (online gaming)
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infrastructure to AUK since it started operations in 2003 and we are proud that
Improved Performance - VNX has enabled AUK to improve the performance of its Microsoft and Oracle mission-critical applications by 50%.
The opening ceremony took place at AUK and was under the patronage of H.
Take your pick: Roast turkey with all the trimmings in the UK, above, or the rather less appealing prospect of 'preserved' little auk in Greenland - its amazing how different a traditional Christmas dinner around the world can be
Organized chronologically into seven sections beginning with 'Fewer Than 100 Years Ago' to 'More Than 50,000 Years Ago', each of these individual chapters list now extinct species that ranging from the better known Passenger Pigeon, Great Auk, and Dodo, to the more obscure Horned Turtle, Australian Thunderbird, and Megatooth Shark.
Prior to coming to AUK as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences in 2006, she was Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts at Washington State University (1998-2005).
The seventh-grade science teacher joined Ann Harding, a biologist at Alaska Pacific University, to study the feeding habits of a bird known as the little auk (Alle alle).
The Great Auk, an extinct bird on display, is a reminder of how species could become extinct as a result of human actions.
The Norwich Union International sees top athletes from America, Germany and Sweden take on aUK select for the World Team Trophy.
AUK tire stockpiles review, which provides information and guidance on the current status of tires stockpiles in the UK, completes the list of new publications.
Even with such concerns, The Auk fought several battles and held the front.