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AUKAmerican University of Kuwait
AUKAmerican University in Kosovo (est. 2003)
AUKAlt.Usenet.Kooks (newsgroup)
AUKAlakanuk, Alaska (Airport Code)
AUKAgriculture in the United Kingdom (government publication)
AUKAukshtaitian (linguistics)
AUKAuthorized User Key
AUKArmor Upgrade Kit (online gaming)
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AA: The event aims to bring distinguished writers to celebrate readers and writers, and nurture literary interest and engagement in Kuwait through a series of lectures and workshops offered to the AUK and Kuwait communities.
The auks or parakeets are eaten first then the blubber.
infrastructure to AUK since it started operations in 2003 and we are proud that
Set aboard an ill-fated spacecraft returning to Earth following the first successful lunar expedition, Night of the Auk is a nail-biting adventure, a cautionary fable, and the most fun you're likely to have in the theatre this summer.
In keeping with its practices, AUK floated enquiries for projectors and display solutions as part of its overall project requirements.
The study has been published in the ornithology journal, The Auk.
An award-winning writer and artist, Albus tells the sad tales of the passenger pigeon, great auk, and two other extinct bird species, as well as those of six birds who may soon join them in oblivion, including the numerous macaws, the corncrake, and the kingfisher.
To minimize, it is necessary to place vowels at the head of the list; the OSPD contains 22 heterograms starting with two vowels (aid, ail, aim, ain, air, ais, ait, auk, ear, eat, eau, eon, ion, oaf, oak, oar, oat, oes, oil, oud, our, out), but 67 ending with two vowels.
When asked what life is like in an Arctic field camp, 1 often direct people to Tim Birkhead's (1993) book Great Auk Islands: A Field Biologist in the Arctic.
We examined blood parasites in a seabird with an exclusively high-Arctic breeding distribution, the little auk (Alle alle).
The great auk, a flightless seabird similar to a penguin, Ivell's sea anemone, Mitten's beardless-moss and York groundsel, a weed, have all become extinct since 1800
The contract is for the development of the Auk North and Burghley fields.