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AUTHNAuthorization (also seen as Authz)
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Understanding payer-specific authorization requirements and monitoring for confirmation of payer decisions are two of the core pre-authorization activities that currently depend on disjointed, manual processes that cost both time and money.
The practitioner's information (name, address, Centralized Authorization File (CAF) number, preparer tax identification number (PTIN), telephone number, and fax number); and
A CAF number is a unique nine-digit identification number assigned to a practitioner the first time he or she files an authorization form with the IRS.
We conclude that the (hospital) district unreasonably withheld recognition of SEIU by treating the 'no union' slips as revoking the SEIU authorization cards,'' the PERB ruling said.
With any of these email address authorization schemes, the email address domain owner may be prone to being unfairly held accountable.
Patients are wrongly being told that they need prior authorization for antiretrovirals.
offices will need to obtain written authorization from patients permitting the office to leave messages for them on their personal answering devices
Authorization of one-time EFT initiated using MICR encoding on a check.
Most existing authorization models only support one type of authorization, either positive or negative, thus applying either the closed or the open policy(1) on all the data to which access is to be controlled.
The authorizations to modify use regulations for buildings that are landmarked or within historic districts all require that a program be established for continuing maintenance for the building's preservation as evidenced by a report from the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind or nature which may at any time result to me on account of compliance, or any attempts to comply, with this authorization.
The authorization process is used to review clinical plans for medical necessity, according to guidelines accepted by the plan; to channel care to the most appropriate locations, which often means outpatient treatment for services previously performed in hospitals; to provide timely alerts that patients are approved and scheduled for services that will require concurrent review; and to help the financial department of the health plan anticipate incurred but not reported claims.
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