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It was found the pilots had placed the auto-throttle on hold, when its main task was to prevent a plane from getting too slow.
Hersman stopped short of clarifying whether the auto-throttle was engaged when the instructor captain noticed the aircraft was coming in too low, and if any of the three pilots in the cockpit at the time of the accident made a mistake in setting the auto-throttle.
Flight Level Change, labeled FLCH or FLC, in planes without auto-throttles, will pitch the airplane to maintain the selected speed in either a climb or descent.
The pilots of the Asiana Airlines flight became aware too late that the plane was flying too low and slow even though they had set the auto-throttle control system to keep the plane at a constant speed.
The business jet features an advanced avionics suite, auto-throttle, and a fly-by-wire flight control system, offering pilots with a highly intuitive and professional cockpit for safe and smooth trips.
The pilots of that flight became aware too late that the plane was flying too low and much too slowly even though they had set the auto-throttle to keep the Boeing 777 at a constant speed.
The Citation Latitude is designed with a powerful new cabin cooling system, Garmin G5000 avionics and auto-throttle capabilities, an electronically-operated cabin door, and lower cabin altitudes for a more comfortable flight.
Asiana pilots raise 777 auto-throttle malfunction issue in the San Francisco crash Pilots of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER jet that crashed while trying to land in San Francisco are offering an account that differs from the preliminary findings of U.
In addition, new auto-throttle saves fuel and reduces pilot workload.
NTSB officials previously said the cockpit crew "assumed the auto-throttle was maintaining speed," but investigators also suggested the pilots may have failed to activate it correctly.