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AUTOAssociation of Ugandan Tour Operators
AUTOAcorn User Treffen Ost (German: Acorn User Meetings East)
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Especially since the advent of the automobile, there is no nook or corner from which it may not be supremely necessary, now and then, to send a message.
Pretty bad, but still you've no call to go mingling with automobile wheels.
The last time I saw you you were a veritable wild man, skipping about among the branches of a tropical African forest, and now you are driving me along a Wisconsin road in a French automobile.
The police and the automobile patrols went by, and once half a dozen fire-engines, returning evidently from some conflagration.
She spoke of school, and of the automobile, and of how her head ached; but very soon her voice trailed into silence under the blessed influence of the little white pills she had swallowed.
To-day the best that a harassed Black Hawk merchant can hope for is to sell provisions and farm machinery and automobiles to the rich farms where that first crop of stalwart Bohemian and Scandinavian girls are now the mistresses.
He failed to see the horny-handed sons of toil enjoying grand pianos or riding in automobiles.
And there were not so many automobiles running around.
There is no need to beware of baby-cabs and wheelbarrows; but automobiles are dangerous things.
On a seat against the railing was a young woman dressed suitable for red automobiles, with hair the colour of an unsmoked meerschaum.
Some of them even owned automobiles and traveled with a retinue of trainers and servants.
His name is Dudley Pickering, and he made a fortune in automobiles.
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