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AUTAuckland University of Technology
AUTAssociation of University Teachers
AUTAutomotive Technology
AUTAutomorphism (mathematics)
AUTAutoroute (Canada Post road designation)
AUTArchitektur und Tirol (German: Achitecture and Tyrol; Tyrol, Austria)
AUTAmirkabir University of Technology (Tehran, Iran)
AUTAnhui University of Technology (China)
AUTAutomatic Control
AUTApplication Under Test
AUTAutorisation d'Usage à des Fins Thérapeutiques (French: Authorization of Use for Therapeutic Purposes; World Anti-Doping Agency)
AUTAntenna Under Test
AUTAction Unreal Tournament
AUTAssociation des Usagers des Transports (French: Transport Users Association)
AUTAuthorised Unit Trust (UK)
AUTAdvanced Unit Training
AUTAbrams Upgrade Tank
AUTAuxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AUTAutomated Ultrasonic Test
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The set V(x) consists of the automorphisms y of G such that yx = x, i.
Now let [THETA] be an automorphism of [mathematical expression not reproducible].
An automorphism of a generalized quadrangle [GAMMA] = (P, B, I) is a bijection of P [union] B which preserves P, B and incidence.
For the second part, note that when the edge automorphism group A acts transitively on E(N), there is only one orbit Ae = E(N) for all e [member of] E(N).
We call a maximum reliable automorphism related to a sequence r[member of] [IR.
t]V is a topological automorphism of D(R) satisfying the intertwining relation
Second right Smarandache automorphism (S2"d right automorphism) of GH if and only if A G S2ndRPAUT(GH) such that c = e.
If [sigma] is an automorphism of R let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] where [[sigma].
alpha],q]] and its dual are automorphism of some spaces [[epsilon].
In the mixing procedure, they use the torus automorphism technique [15] to scramble all secret image pixels, and then the mixed secret image is embedded into the cover image pixel by pixel.
1])) is a compact linear operator on H and, thus, it is a continuous automorphism of H because [lambda] = 1 is not an eigenvalue of [F'.
The notion of partial crossed product has its root in the crossed product by a partial automorphism which is introduced by R.
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