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AUTOPSYAutomated Peak Peaking in NMR Spectroscopy
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This will be the fifth autopsy on Petruna Nikolova, a 46-year-old woman who came to Cyprus from Bulgaria to look for a job only to die on February 22, a few days after her arrival.
Of the classic autopsy techniques identified by the College of American Pathologists, four are most often used: Virchow, Rokitansky, Ghon and Letulle.
She stressed that medical autopsy is much more complicated than simply opening a body.
Earlier, the team of doctors performed autopsy in presence of judicial magistrate and police official in Nagakki village here and handed over the record for forensic analysis.
IGP Mehsud, though, said that the autopsy report had also raised some questions.
The objectives of this research were to investigate bereaved mother's attitudes towards autopsy, whether consenting to an autopsy or not, and the significance ascribed to autopsy during the bereavement process.
The autopsy revealed that the soldier was returned without his heart, bladder, stomach and brain.
The historically anatomic focus of the autopsy for training and forensic diagnosis, and the lucrative benefits of surgical pathology relative to clinical pathology over the years, have limited the number of experts in our field who can address anything beyond the anatomic findings.
These findings are critical and need confirmation and are obtained from the autopsy examination.
Because Carswell's widow Linda first challenged the hospital in court more than three years after her husband's autopsy, and because autopsies are part of the professional services related to the medical care hospitals provide, it was too late to sue for malpractice claims, the Supreme Court found.
The Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS) Thursday said the Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal to allow a Palestinian doctor to take part in the actual autopsy of al-Sharif.
According to Ahmad Safiya, lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Al-Sharif's family appealed that a Palestinian doctor should take part in the autopsy.