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AVALAssessment of Vulnerability and Lethality (Sweden)
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In no place save from the windows in the castle walls is there an available exit.
He made me ransack the house for a flask, which he filled with whiskey; and we lined every available pocket with packets of biscuits and slices of meat.
He came of a literary family, and, as he says of himself, from his seventh to his fortieth year study and letter occupied all his available time.
As Franz had sufficient time, and his apartments at Rome were not yet available, he accepted the proposition.
A wise prince ought to observe some such rules, and never in peaceful times stand idle, but increase his resources with industry in such a way that they may be available to him in adversity, so that if fortune chances it may find him prepared to resist her blows.
What we can do is simply to concentrate all our available strength, keep a close watch on the enemy, and obtain reinforcements.
Marshal de Grammont put himself at the head of all the available cavalry and infantry and took the road to Vendin, leaving the Duc de Chatillon to await and bring on the rest.
They possess a clairvoyance that is always available under favorable circumstances.
That stint; must have gone too deep for any consolations of philosophy to be available in curing its smart?
Whether our author entered on his whaling adventures in the South Seas with a determination to make them available for literary purposes, may never be certainly known.
He stood before them, and such eye-beams as they found available they leveled at him; Newman feeling as if the door of a sepulchre had suddenly been opened, and the damp darkness were being exhaled.
She was a little stunned by the vast amount of available money now in her possession and at her disposal.
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