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AVsAvalanche (Colorado Avalanche hockey team)
AVSAuxiliaires de Vie Scolaire (French: Auxiliary of Life School)
AVSAlpenverein Südtirol (Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of South Tyrol)
AVSA Votre Service (French: At Your Service; various organizations)
AVSA Vida Secreta (Portuguese: The Secret Life; website)
AVSAdult Verification Service
AVSAcid Volatile Sulfide
AVSAviation Systems
AVSAvionics System
AVSAssociate Value Specialist (engineering certification)
AVSAir Valve Secondary (carburetor)
AVSAssociation for Volunteer Services (Lebanon)
AVSAdvanced Voting Solutions Inc
AVSAvionics Technician (Canadian Air Force)
AVSAviation Supply Ship
AVSAutomatic Verification System
AVSAvalanche Style (California Avalanche Club)
AVSAuburn Village School (Auburn, New Hampshire)
AVSAivan Sama (Finnish)
AVSAmerican Violet Society (Yukon, Pennsylvania)
AVSAudiovisual Squadron (US Air Force Aerospace Audiovisual Service)
AVSArbitrarily Varying Source
AVSAuto Voltage Select (power supplies)
AVSArmy Veterinary Service
AVSAeromedical Visual Standards
AVSAffordable Virtual Servers (Australia)
AVSAbrasion Value Steel (engineering/geology)
AVSAudit Verification System
AVSAsociación Vida Sana (Spanish: Fitness Association)
AVSAssociation Vacances Sélestat (French: Holidays Association Selestat; est. 1947; Selestat, France)
AVSArt and Visual Services
AVSAddress Verification Services
AVSAmerican Vegan Society (Malaga, NJ)
AVSAddress Verification System
AVSAirborne Video Surveillance
AVSAmerican Vacuum Society
AVSAdvanced Video System
AVSAdvanced Visual Systems
AVSAdvanced Visualization System
AVSAudio Video Systems, Inc.
AVSAccording to Various Sources
AVSAge Verification Service (used on adult sites)
AVSAsian Variety Show (US TV show)
AVSAnimal and Veterinary Science
AVSAutomated Vehicle Scheduling (software)
AVSActive Virus Shield (software)
AVSAdaptive Voltage Scaling
AVSAudio Video Coding Standard (China)
AVsAir Velocity
AVSApplication Visualization System
AVSAnti-Virus Software
AVSArya Vaidya Sala (Indian hospital; aka Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala; also seen as KAVS)
AVSAnti-Vibration System
AVSAdditional Value Shares
AVSA Virtual Solution
AVSAvailability Status (airline reservation systems)
AVSAmerican Viola Society
AVSApplied Vegetation Science
AVSAudio Visual Stimulation
AVSAssurance Vieillesse et Survivants (French)
References in classic literature ?
But before ever he could pull the trigger an avalanche of muscle was upon him, and he went down to the rotting vegetation of the jungle with five sinewy fingers at his throat.
It was met with an avalanche of spears, some of which passed entirely through its body, with such force were they hurled.
One never moved from the spot where it stood when the avalanche of spears struck it, for two, perfectly aimed, had penetrated its heart, and it lunged forward upon its knees, rolling to the ground without a struggle.
But at this moment his eyes closed involuntarily, to receive more resolutely the terrible avalanche which was about to fall on his head, and to engulf his life.
Here Van Horn was swept off his legs by an avalanche of return boys who had cluttered the deck with the first squall.
Some three days after Fan's joyful call Polly was startled on entering the Shaws' door, by Maud, who came tumbling down stairs, sending an avalanche of words before her, "He 's come before he said he should to surprise us
This, of course, brought down an avalanche of suppositions, flooded with the sapient arguments of the two officials, who sent back and forth to each other a wearisome flood of nonsense.
Several minutes later, rounding a turn in the trail where the descent was less precipitous, he joined them in the midst of a miniature avalanche of pebbles and loose soil.
He went down beneath that avalanche of bestial savagery still working his gun and with his face toward his antagonist.
A week later Miss Cornelia descended like an avalanche upon the little house.
And," added Captain Nicholl, "on a flat ground, the projectile will remain motionless when it has once touched; whereas on a declivity it would roll like an avalanche, and not being squirrels we should not come out safe and sound.
Then came the rain--not as it comes to us of the temperate zones, but as a mighty avalanche of water--a deluge which spills tons instead of drops upon the bending forest giants and the terrified creatures which haunt their shade.