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AWESArmy Welfare Education Society (India)
AWESAssociation of European Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers (EU)
AWESAustralasian Wind Engineering Society
AWESArea Weapons Effect Simulator
AWESAmerican Wind Energy Systems
AWESAnnette Winn Elementary School (Lithia Springs, GA)
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The multitude, silent till then, broke out in a strange, deep voice of awe and wonder, which could not as yet find utterance, save in this murmur that rolled so heavily after the departed spirit.
It is no wonder, therefore, that the poor squire was not proof against the awe which she inspired.
The AWE Directors encourage shareholders to read both this Targets Statement and AWEs Targets Statement responding to the board recommended off-market takeover offer by Mitsui & Co.
AWES will produce several different water treatment systems that use ozone gas, ultraviolet light and other biological systems to treat municipal and industrial water, such as contaminated water from landfills, cooling tower applications and ground water remediation segments.
The AWE Board unanimously recommends that shareholders ACCEPT the Mitsui Offer, in the absence of a superior proposal.
For the first time, attack helicopters have been instrumented to participate in force-on-force combat training maneuvers at the battle group level," said Gary Shrock, vice president in charge of Cubic's AWES program.
AWE Limited announced its half year results for financial year 2018 (HY18).
AWES gives the British Army its first objective means of measuring troops' performance during large-scale military exercises.
Provide sufficient equity to fund AWEs share of the Waitsia Stage 2 project if a Build Own Operate (BOO) development model is selected, or o Part fund AWEs share if an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) development model is selected.
AWES is the exercise control, position tracking and area weapons indirect-fire effects portion of the British Army's Enhanced Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) system, a training system with features not found in any other combat training system in existence today.
AWE Limited today announced the successful completion of its A$38 million fully underwritten institutional share placement (Institutional Placement).
AWE Ltd announced the selection of David Biggs as its new CEO, effective May 2016.