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AWESOMEAgents, Web Services, and Ontologies: Integrated Methodologies
AWESOMEAngina with Extremely Serious Operative Mortality Evaluation
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The combination of a superior location and a flexible design made the Piscataway Corporate Center an ideal destination for Awesome Zone to open their facility.
Definitely, there's no reason for you to miss out on this awesome Christmas Sale offer
ly/ AWCCCLIPNCLIMB or by calling Awesome Walls Liverpool on 0151 298 2422.
For us, Awesome Con allowed us to showcase our technology and deliver a true legend from the United Kingdom to the centerstage of this spectacular event in D.
The newest Project Awesome is the first in Scotland and has launched in Edinburgh.
The Company Leadership Award was announced at the Fourth Annual AWESOME Symposium in April, where two executives, one each from Intel Corporation and Schneider Electric, received the 2016 AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award -- the "ALL" Award -- for their extraordinary professional accomplishments.
More Awesome Than Money: Four Boys and Their Heroic Quest to Save Your Privacy from Facebook" is his newest body of work and continues to document his extraordinary story telling abilities which he deftly combines with painstakingly detailed research.
The company says Wicked Awesome Wipes are durable enough to handle most surfaces yet soft enough to be used on face and hands.
Later he saw a herd of elephants and gasped: "Oh my gosh, those are awesome.
Earlier in the evening, West also performed a tribute to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, singing "Stop everything you're doing now/ Because baby, you're awesome.
Hooters introduced a new advertising campaign that invites viewers to share their personal awesome moments at Hooters via Twitter and Instagram with a #StepIntoAwesome hashtag.
Summary: Lil Wayne believes the posthumous Aaliyah album that Drake is producing is "an awesome collaboration".