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AXAnime Expo (animation convention)
AXArmani Exchange
AXAccount Register
axAxillary (armpit)
AXAutomatic Transmission
AXArenacross (motor sports)
AXAuto Cross
AXAuxiliary Systems
AXAlpha Chi Omega (sorority)
AXAgility Excellent (AKC title)
AXAnion Exchanger
AXAmerican Express Company (credit card type)
AXArchitecture Extended
AXX-Axis Acceleration
AXAnger-Expression Inventory
AXAnalyst Executive
AXArcade Extreme (game)
AXAtlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
AXAcceptance Requirements Index
AX(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician
AXAmman Exchange Co.
AXConcept for Long Range Advanced Missile
References in classic literature ?
But I don't need a Sillygism, you know, to prove that mathematical axiom you mentioned.
Excellence, in a poem especially, may be considered in the light of an axiom, which need only be properly put, to become self-evident.
May it not be that Mother Nature may deliberately encourage decrease as well as increase--that it may be an axiom that what is gained in concentration is lost in size?
It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.
We shall not even take the trouble to demonstrate this, for it is an axiom in morals, as in physics.
He has an axiom which carries the thought-kernel that what man has done, man can do, and it doesn't cut any figure with Perry whether a fellow knows how to do it or not.
And quite enchanted with his joke, the ferocious Orangeman took his cresset and his keys to conduct Cornelius to the cell, which on that very morning Cornelius de Witt had left to go into exile, or what in revolutionary times is meant instead by those sublime philosophers who lay it down as an axiom of high policy, "It is the dead only who do not return.
Just as swiftly flashed through his brain two thoughts: the first, the axiom, WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU FIND A LEPER, LOOK FOR THE OTHER LEPER; the second, the desired Irish terrier, who was owned by Daughtry, with whom Kwaque had been long associated.
And yet the contrary law is an axiom written on the universe; there is no vigor except where there are few active principles.
It obeyed no known laws of physics, and overthrew the hoary axiom that like things performed to like things produce like results.
It is an axiom of the law that the defendant should be given the benefit of the doubt.
Mrs Squeers intended to say 'foundling,' but, as she frequently remarked when she made any such mistake, it would be all the same a hundred years hence; with which axiom of philosophy, indeed, she was in the constant habit of consoling the boys when they laboured under more than ordinary ill-usage.