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AZURITEArizona Unified Repository for Informational Tracking of the Environment (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality)
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Azurite likes fast ground and, although he was beaten in an amateur riders' race last time, when Hammond landed the Wokingham with dead-heater Ratio in 2003 he also prepped for his Ascot run in an amateur riders' race.
This paper summarizes development of the Azurite field as a way of providing context for evolution of the FDPSO concept.
PB, 14485 Azurite Street NW, Ramsey, MN 55303; (763)-427-3350; www.
She chooses the blues of lapis lazuli and azurite from Chile; the greens of malachite and earth from Verona, Italy; the yellow ochres from France; the red siennas from Italy and cinnabars from China; the browns of raw umbers from Cyprus; the purple of vesuvianite from South Africa; and the luminous whites of oyster shells from Japan.
people in the region of modern Turkey discover that liquid copper can be extracted from malachite and azurite and cast into different shapes.
For the first time since Cleopatra forced the men in her court to rub powdered azurite and malachite into their eyelids, men are having to endure the same kind of commercial and social pressure to look 'good' as women have endured for years.
Gold and scarlet, a dreamed language of colors, azurite and
LAUSD board member Jon Azurite said he's worried that the charter would attract students away from other West Valley campuses.
It included not only painters' pigments such as azurite, vermilion, and orpiment, but also raw materials used in a variety of crafts.
This stone is called "Eilat stone" and is a composite of malachite, azurite and turquoise.
The artist mixes his ethnic vocabulary ("my old stories"), with the fragile mineral and vegetable forms of arte povera: rocks drawn with faces, two-color canvases mounted with precious stones (Calcite, Azurite, Quartz, A Gold Nugget, all 1998), tubes running along the walls (underground conduits for the buried memory of the Indian peoples, as in The Libertine and the Stone Guest, 1996), or assemblages of found or recycled objects like Quem Disser, 1995, a table made of wood and branches, dressed in a white cotton shirt.
Diamond Ground Products, 2550 Azurite Circle, Newbury Park, CA 91320.