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B/SBits Per Second
B/sBytes per Second
B/SBackside (extreme sports)
B/SBalance Sheet (accounting)
B/SBill of Sale
B/SBit Sync
B/SByron Station
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htm) Brace For Battle Of The Backside As Chelsea Handler Posts Rear Photo On Instagram
Robbie Savage and Alan Shearer during their Battle of the Backsides >
TAG: (Tackle After Guard) is a fold block between the backside tackle and the backside guard with the backside tackle working to the 2nd defender.
Backside defect removal will become even more important as new immersion lithography technologies become mainstream.
He said: ``If anything it kicks you up the backside to play better at Wasps and hope you might get a call-up.
coated multiply board mills is the installation of backside coaters--usually air-tube-loaded rod coaters.
The coefficient of friction of the backside of the belt is sufficient to enable the belt to drive backside pulleys, tensioners and other mechanical devices.
But several photographs snatch us away from this dreamy landscape, much to our delight--most notably the backside of a man who appears to be hewn from granite with tattoos in Cyrillic and other sundry symbols traversing his body.
Super DLTtape uses a full 100 percent of the recording surface for actual data recording by using the optical servo on the unused backside of the media.
Additional features of the Spin-Processor 102 are an integrated controller, integrated suck back box, flipmodule, uses through beam sensors and is GEM compatible, The tool requires no flat-alignment and offers frontside and backside processing with no equipment changes needed.
Boring, sexless and uncomfortable for anyone with an average, heart-shaped backside, she claimed knickers at BhS were "a damn sight more sexy".
For example, a trilingual card could be used in Europe (German French) or Latin America (Portuguese and Spanish), with the standard information located on the front side in English, and the product and marketing information on the backside in the other two languages.