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BADBaden-Baden (German city, license plate prefix)
BADBlog Action Day
BADBig Audio Dynamite (band)
BADBanque Africaine de Developpement (AFDB)
BADBipolar Affective Disorder
BADBritish Association of Dermatologists
BADBoxing After Dark (HBO TV)
BADBroken As Designed :-)
BADBanque Asiatique de Développement (French: Asian Development Bank)
BADBikers Against Diabetes
BADBCL2 Antagonist of Cell Death
BADBank Account Debits Tax (Australia)
BADBroadband Access Device (Sprint)
BADBureau of Alien Detectors (UPN cartoon)
BADBranch Atheromatous Disease
BADBalls Attitude Direction
BADBehind-Armor Debris
BADBuster, Adam, Donny (band)
BADBad Ass Divas
BADBiological Aerosol Detection
BADBald and Dangerous
BADBachelor of Applied Design (degree)
BADBathymetric Archive Data
BADBank Avalized Draft
BADBates After Dark
BADBay Area Dwarfs (scale vintage replica auto racing; California)
BADBusiness Application Development
BADBachelier en Art Dramatique
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1933), addressed the specific charge-off requirement and noted that Congressional intent was to allow a deduction for business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided there was "some specific act of the taxpayer clearly indicating their abandonment as assets.
The bad news is Joe Wilson got his hands on some curare.
LaFrance noticed that if she suggested to a friend that she had bad hair --"your hair isn't looking as good as it usually does"--her friend's attitude changed dramatically.
The curators want to be really, really bad, but all they can muster is a playful little dress-up game of "let's pretend we're challenging perceptions of feminism and gender.
Note: The reserve method of accounting for bad debts (former IRC section 166(c)) was repealed, ex* cept for certain financial institutions, by the Tax Reform Act of 1986.
The right of the principal to terminate [a broker's] authority is absolute and unrestricted, except only that he may not do it in bad faith, and as a mere device to escape the payment of the broker's commissions.
Direct consideration is required to be eligible to claim a bad debt on an intrafamily loan guarantee and could, for example, be in the form of a cash fee or an ownership interest (e.
What's significant are the appellate court's statements that an insurer's conduct during or after litigation also can be construed as bad faith.
Using only his street smarts and the environment to stay alive, he must save the very city he loathes and its citizens whom he detests, and, in the end, escape what has become a very Bad Day in L.
If, at the time of worthlessness, it is "proximate" to the conduct of the trade or business, the debt will qualify as a business bad debt under Regs.