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BAGELBay Area Gnu Enthusiasts League
BAGELBayesian Analysis of Gene Expression Level (genome biology)
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NEW YORK--The bagel is fast becoming to the '90s what frozen yogurt was to the '80s--a readily available, healthy "fast food" that promises variety and no fat.
The 9-Grain Bagel is made with 100% whole wheat flour and features nine hearty grains including quinoa, barley and rye.
The Ham, Egg, & Cheese Bagel piles shaved ham, egg, and a couple of slices of American cheese on a buttered bagel with "breakfast sauce" (souped-up mayonnaise).
First sold in 1997 at a Pittsburgh Bruegger's Bagels location, green bagels are made in the same authentic New York style as the bakery's regular menu bagels -- kettle-boiled and baked fresh in small batches.
Sam Leslie, president of Bake It Again, Sam, said his company was hit by a lawsuit from New York Bagel after the buyout deal was announced and countersued.
We are thrilled to see Western Bagel gaining new exposure for their Alternative Bagel[TM] products," said CEO Jacqueline Danforth.
John's has held its turf for four years - a long time in the cannibalistic bagel biz, where national chains are gobbling up smaller fry and big-footing all over the independents.
Also for a limited time, Bruegger's Bagels is highlighting the people and traditions behind the brand through its "Behind the Taste" video series.
Our salads, whole wheat bagels, and now whole wheat Softwiches, make it easy for our guests to follow the new recommended food pyramid," said Bruegger's CEO James Greco.
Vignettes feature the dedicated experts behind the company's award-winning bagels and signature items
As it was around 11am, I went for a brunch option but was in two minds between the Big Breakfast Bagel (bacon, sausage and scrambled egg) and the the Eggs Bagel-dict (poached eggs, Parma Ham and hollandaise sauce).
Demand for the dense, chewy rolls has so broadened that third-generation bagel bakers in Brooklyn are mixing in such yuppie ingredients as pesto and sun-dried tomatoes.