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Fellow scribe and occasional smoothbore hunting partner, John Taylor, has compiled and written what is the best published guide available to shotshell ballistics and performance.
This relationship will enhance DWS Defense Systems' emergence in the safety and security arena and will likewise provide Gaffco Ballistics with the technical and managerial partnering resources it needs to continue to grow and attract a larger share of the marketplace," says CEO Daniel McPhee.
Sound ballistic and handloading references including clear wad substitution charts and SAAMI chamber and cartridge drawings.
Lowry has distilled his immense knowledge of shotshell ballistics and performance in a very user-friendly software package entitled "Shotshell Ballistics for Windows.
We were able to offer technological solutions Airbus wanted for the transparencies on this aircraft, including complex and unique requirements for ballistics and bird-strike resistance, optics and light weight," Coursieres said.
Extensive study of World War II documentation has resulted in a totally revamped ballistics model that leaves the competition in the dust.
On Wednesday, the defense is expected to call a sheriff's ballistics expert - its second and final witness.
Ballistics tests confirmed it was the murder weapon, court files stated.
DWS offers a broad portfolio of security-related products, including ballistic glass and associated security systems, and the only Security Portal certified for Ballistics and Forced Entry by the U.
38-caliber revolver was found in a storm drain in the 5200 block of Fountain Avenue in Hollywood, and ballistics tests ``confirmed it was the murder weapon,'' according to court records.
International ballistics company Metal Storm Limited (NASDAQ: MTSX and ASX: MST):
Three detectives and a ballistics expert from the sheriff's crime lab investigated the incident but could not determine what the object was, Fredericks said.