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BLNBlond (hair color, motor vehicle organizations)
BLNBackbone Link Node (Baystream)
BLNBenalla (airport code; Australia)
BLNBusiness Leaders Network (UK; consultancy)
BLNBellefonte Nuclear Plant
BLNBadminton Laëtitia Nantes (French badminton club; est. 1979)
BLNBank für Landwirtschaft und Nahrungsgueterwirtschaft (former DDR bank)
BLNBuilding Living Neighborhoods (various organizations)
BLNBroadband Local Networks (Sprint)
BLNBillet Line Number
BLNBasic Learning Need
BLNBusiness Leadership Network (US Department of Labor)
BLNBankruptcy Law Network
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By giving the balloon these cubic dimensions, and filling it with hydrogen gas, instead of common air--the former being fourteen and a half times lighter and weighing therefore only two hundred and seventy-six pounds--a difference of three thousand seven hundred and twenty-four pounds in equilibrium is produced; and it is this difference between the weight of the gas contained in the balloon and the weight of the surrounding atmosphere that constitutes the ascensional force of the former.
However, were the forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of gas of which we speak, all introduced into the balloon, it would be entirely filled; but that would not do, because, as the balloon continued to mount into the more rarefied layers of the atmosphere, the gas within would dilate, and soon burst the cover containing it.
But the doctor, in carrying out a project known only to himself, resolved to fill his balloon only one-half; and, since he had to carry forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of gas, to give his balloon nearly double capacity he arranged it in that elongated, oval shape which has come to be preferred.
Now, if you will help me sew the silk together, we will begin to work on our balloon.
First there was a strip of light green silk, then a strip of dark green and then a strip of emerald green; for Oz had a fancy to make the balloon in different shades of the color about them.
Then Oz painted it on the inside with a coat of thin glue, to make it airtight, after which he announced that the balloon was ready.
Monck Mason (whose voyage from Dover to Weilburg in the balloon, "Nassau," occasioned so much excitement in 1837,) conceived the idea of employing the principle of the Archimedean screw for the purpose of propulsion through the air - rightly attributing the failure of Mr.
Beneath the centre of the balloon, was a frame of light wood, about nine feet long, and rigged on to the balloon itself with a network in the customary manner.
It could be turned flat, and directed upwards or downwards, as well as to the right or left ; and thus enabled the æronaut to transfer the resistance of the air which in an inclined position it must generate in its passage, to any side upon which he might desire to act ; thus determining the balloon in the opposite direction.
But for that little hitch the ripping-cord would have torn the balloon open as though it had been slashed by a sword, and hurled Mr.
The car of the balloon was small and neat, some bags of ballast the untidiest of its contents, and he had found a light folding-table and put it at his elbow, and on that was a glass with champagne.
His impression was that he was bound to come down somewhere, and that then, if he wasn't smashed, some one, some "society" perhaps, would probably pack him and the balloon back to England.