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BAMFBerkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship (Goshen, IN)
BAMFBiomass and Methane Fuels
BAMFBuilders' Association of Metropolitan Flint (Flint, Michigan)
BAMFBuilders Association of Metro Flint (Burton, MI)
BAMFBrothers Associated Moving Forward
BAMFBritish Art Market Federation (est. 1996; UK)
BAMFBay Area Metal Festival (Santa Clara, CA)
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BAMF has been around for quite a while and recently found the need to strengthen their online presence.
The BAMF is responsible for the allocation of the participants, professional education institutions carry out the practical implementation, and the federal government is responsible for financing.
The reason for this appears to be divergences in the practices of the BAMF regional offices in the federal states.
They are designed to encourage those with similar experiences to call the BAMF counterradicalization hotline.
While the BAMF refused to respond to taz's and Deutsche Welle's requests for comment, it referred them to the German Interior Ministry, which had already confirmed that there are plans to build centers for refugee minors in Morocco.
Before Wednesday's ruling, lower administrative courts have sided with refugees suing BAMF for the second-tier asylum.
PDI has developed its BAMF Technology for use in serum-based tests for early diagnosis of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
Creation of a tree cadastre, regular inspection in accordance with the valid FLL guideline as well as the resulting tree care measures due to the duty of public safety on the properties of the Training Center of the Federal Police and the BAMF in Bamberg.
Due to the location of the bamf branch office in halberstadt, The zast is the only reception facility in the state of saxony-anhalt where foreigners arriving from outside the country who wish to apply for asylum are accepted.
The aim of the award procedure is the translation of training modules for the training of new employees of the bamf, Or to refresh or update the knowledge of employees who have already been employed for some time.