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The Aberdare Carnival, pictured here in 1953, is still run every August Bank Holiday
Things improved for last year's August bank holiday though - after a rainy and thundery Saturday the weather brightened up for the Sunday and Monday, while the temperature that weekend was a bit warmer than the rest of the month.
You can avoid bank holiday traffic by choosing to travel on quieter roads at peak times or the busiest roads at the quietest times, which will also save you time and fuel," said a spokesman.
Who are these golden people who laze about on a Bank Holiday, while the rest of us wait on them hand and foot?
Lidl's new store, which is set to open at the former Allan Ford car dealership site in Hinckley Road next year, has been given permission to open earlier and close later on Bank Holidays.
If your employer gives you bank holidays as paid holiday under your contract, they can include those days in the minimum 5.
The opening times for the Household Waste Recycling Centre's in the region will also be unaffected by the bank holiday weekend.
While the bank holiday fell on 31 August, both the BRC and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) judge that the month ended on 29 August.
As well as the entertainment and markets in Durham's Market Place, on bank holiday Monday, Echo 42 Big Band - as featured in new film A Royal Night Out - will be performing live in Walkergate, and there will be military vehicles on display in Millennium Place.
Many of our customers have busy lives but are off work on a bank holiday.
Yet in the more clement months of June and July there is not a single bank holiday.
Like any sane person, the words bank holiday mean only one thing to me - I will not be going anywhere near a motorway, a train station or an airport this weekend.