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BKGBooking (reservations; various companies)
BKGBackground File
BKGBruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik (German science and technology company)
BKGBeta Kappa Gamma (fraternity)
BKGBundesamt für Kartographieund Geodäsie (German: Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy)
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On a typical day, 13 million Americans are banking online, an increase of 58% from 2002, according to a study released this year by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
The Board also has considered other factors that indicate the proposal is not likely to have a significant effect on competition in the Batesville banking market.
Internet banking, telephone banking and ATM's are all new means of making the banking process even more convenient for customers.
Already," she said, "upper-and middle-income Americans enjoy the safety and convenience of a highly regulated banking industry that provides competitive prices and is closely supervised to limit improper activities.
Its integrated business model, where lending and underwriting have effectively been combined under one roof, makes it easier for BankAmerica to press the relationship argument to its business customers, according to Edward Carter, who heads up corporate and investment banking at the Charlotte, N.
Some clients are very excited about electronic banking, while others could care less," says CPA Lamar Stoltzfus, one of 17 partners with Beard & Co.
Talk of a global regulatory system was bandied about by heavy hitters ranging from Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin to billionaire currency speculator George Soros, with Soros going so far as to assert that "the private sector is ill-suited to allocate international credit" and proposing an international oversight agency to help stabilize the world's banking system.
With many banking headquarters located hundreds of miles away, banking analyst Rubens notes that the new generation of community banks restores choice.
Citibank offers a program called "Personal Banking for the Overseas Executive.
China's city commercial banking industry will face fierce competition with the completion of the transition period of China's entry into WTO; meanwhile, the gradual opening of the market to foreign banks will stimulate more competition.
and by the mid-1990s operated both banking offices and nonbanking subsidiaries in the United States.
com) because it offers them the convenience of banking at any time.