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Two pupils were banned for five days each in 2013 in Bridgend for carrying out a dangerous act on a bus which put the lives of other pupils at risk, while a pupil in Blaenau Gwent was banned for 15 days in 2014-15 for climbing over the driver to get to the steering wheel.
If you go to football matches intent on causing trouble you will be arrested, put before the courts and banned from watching the game.
Perhaps the most famous banned book list ever is the Catholic Church's now defunct Index of Prohibited Books.
The Anglican bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, is now on a list of Zimbabweans banned from the United States.
It not only banned peanut butter sandwiches, it also banned candy bars, cookies, and other snacks that might contain trace (extremely small) amounts of peanuts.
In two of the latest actions, the European Commission ruled in December 2000 that member states must withdraw all authorizations for plant protection products containing lindane, and California approved legislation in September 2000 that banned lindane-based products used to treat lice and scabies.
Gall went on to note that the staff briefing package does not recommend a ban, and that her study of the record supports her thesis that the products should not be banned.
They wanted the most sweeping bill they could get, so they helped defeat amendments that would have specifically banned only the dilation and extraction procedure, where the skull is punctured while in the birthing canal and the fetus is removed intact.
Switzerland has reportedly banned PVC packaging and Austria is considering it.
In 1986, Congress banned certain types of armor-piercing "cop-killer' bullets.