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BARNBromsgrove and Redditch Network (UK)
BARNBuilding Additional Rural Networks (Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy; Australia)
BARNBubba Army Radio Network
BARNBilateral Acute Retinal Necrosis (retinal death)
BARNBoard of Airlines Representatives in Nepal
BARNBath Area Real-estate News
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They ran to the barn and then back again, re-entering, he by the front and she by the back porch.
He went ahead with storm preparations, elevating the bed on old boards which he lugged from a disused barn falling to decay on the opposite bank of the creek.
The old barn leaked like a sieve, but they managed to find a dry space on which to spread their anything but dry bedding.
If you are a friend," cries another of the men in the barn, "you had better alight till the storm is over" (for indeed it was now more violent than ever;) "you are very welcome to put up your horse; for there is sufficient room for him at the end of the barn.
It was true she had given up a concrete floor for her cellar, but she had seen at once the good sense of having the concrete in the barn instead.
I want it finished," he said doggedly, as he crossed the barn and went out at the other door.
He pulled on his wet coat again and went back to the barn to feed the greys.
Seeing the farmer eying him dubiously, he added, "I'll be glad to sleep in the barn.
They hang up the rats' tails in a row or the barn door, to show how many they have caught--dozens and dozens of them.
He heard the horses munching hay, then he heard the peasant and his elder boy getting ready for the night, and going off for the night watch with the beasts, then he heard the soldier arranging his bed on the other side of the barn, with his nephew, the younger son of their peasant host.
The same man who will pay six prices for the best seed-corn, and who will allow nothing but high-grade cattle in his barn, will at the same time be content with the shabbiest and flimsiest telephone service, without offering any other excuse than that it is cheap.
This cornfield, and the sorghum patch behind the barn, were the only broken land in sight.