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The teams went swinging up from the rear, the guns were whirled about, and the battery scampered away.
I'm the breech-piece mule of number two gun of the First Screw Battery," said the mule, "and the other's one of your friends.
And almost stepping on the chain was another battery mule, calling wildly for "Billy.
The idea of a fourteen-hand mule with your training disgracing the battery before this gentleman
I hadn't learned the real science of kicking then, but the battery said they had never seen anything like it.
And as each man reported himself, he said: "This is a bad business," and went about his own forthwith, for every Regiment and Battery in the cantonment was under canvas, the sickness bearing them company.
Deighton came over from the Artillery camp to attend a dreary mess dinner, and contributed to the general gloom by nearly weeping over the condition of his beloved Battery.
I said that I would get him the file, and I would get him what broken bits of food I could, and I would come to him at the Battery, early in the morning.
The latter, through the action of the battery, passes at its positive pole into the second receptacle.
Also you will have to prosecute this Patsy Horan," Watson advised; "for I shall now have him arrested for assault and battery.
An hour later, as Judge Witberg limped up the grounds to his hotel, he was arrested by a village constable on a charge of assault and battery preferred by Carter Watson.
Your Honor," Watson said next day to the village Justice, a well to do farmer and graduate, thirty years before, from a cow college, "since this Sol Witberg has seen fit to charge me with battery, following upon my charge of battery against him, I would suggest that both cases be lumped together.