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BGBrigadier General
BGBulgaria (International Auto Identification)
BGBass Guitar
BGBaldur's Gate (game)
BGBe Good
BGBig Girl
BGBattle Group
BGBank Guarantee
BGBattle Ground (Washington)
BGBeautiful Girl
BGBad Guy
BGBee Gees (Brothers Gibb, band)
BGBad Girl
BGBasal Ganglia
BGBlood Gas
BGBad Game (gaming slang)
BGBezahlt Geld
BGBergamo, Lombardia (Italian province)
BGBeautiful Game (gaming)
BGBeech Grove
BGBlue Gender (anime)
BGBeer Goggles (band)
BGBattle Gear (arcade racing video game series)
BGBegane Grond (Dutch: ground floor)
BGBefore Google
BGBacillus Globigii
BGBeach Group
BGBackup Generator
BGBaby Gangsta (band)
BGBangladesh Biman (airline code)
BGBlind Gossip (website)
BGBand Geek
BGBis Gleich (German: be right back)
BGBlood Gulch (gaming)
BGBump & Grind
BGBeautiful Garbage (band Garbage's 3rd album)
BGBattery Ground
BGBacillus Subtilis Var Niger (biological warfare agent simulant)
BGBlue Gauntlet (sport fencing supplier, New Jersey)
BGBefore Guild (gaming date, Dune)
BGBefore Guild (science fiction, Dune)
BGBomberman Generation (video game)
BGBirmingham Gauge (wire)
BGBarangay Ginebra (Philippines)
BGBubble Ghost (game)
BGBancada Guatemala (Guatemala political party)
BGBeygir Gucu (Turkish: Horse Power)
BgGas Shrinkage Factor (hydrocarbon physical properties)
BGBlackstone Group
BGBen Gurion
BGBunge Ltd. (stock symbol)
BGBelgrade (Serbia)
BGBoard Game
BGBundesgericht (German: Federal Supreme Court; Switzerland)
BGBooster Gold (superhero)
BGBioglass (NovaBone Products, LLC)
BGBevel Gear (automation)
BGBilderberg Group
BGBlood Glucose (medical)
BGBody Guard
BGBuffalo Grove (Chicago, IL suburb)
BGBelow Ground
BGBundesgymnasium (School; Austria, Europe)
BGBloodhound Gang (band)
BGBubble Guts
BGBurial Grounds
BGBowling Green (Kentucky, Ohio)
BGBen Gay
BGBudget Guidance
BGBerufsgenossenschaft (German: professional association)
BGBrigade General
BGBlind Guardian (band)
BGBowling Green State University
BGBus Grant
BGBuffalo Grass
BGBlock Group
BGBomb Group
BGBord Gais (gas supply company in Ireland)
BGBorder Gateway (3GPP)
BGBoring Game
BGBride Groom
BGBig Grin
BGBritish Gas PLC
BGBotanical Garden
BGBox Girder (structure)
BGBlack Gangsta
BGBhagavad Gita
BGBombardment Group
BGBill Goldberg (WWE Wrestler)
BGBusiness Group
BGBusch Gardens (amusement park)
BGBene Gesserit (Dune)
BGBillions of Gallons
BGBezirksgericht (Court of Justice; Austria, Europe)
BGBill Gates
BGBig Generator (album by Yes)
BGBoston Globe (newspaper)
BGBubble Gum
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Radio is also the media platform used by the most Generation X independent voters in the battleground states (97%) examined by Nielsen.
Attendance was strong on Battleground Texas's 14-city getting-to-know-you tour, which stopped in both Democrat-friendly places like Austin and San Antonio and Republican strongholds like Waco and Lubbock.
We think Battleground has the potential to redraw the competitive PC gaming landscape and solidify Xfire as a leader in this growth-oriented space.
Israeli is completely outclassed and outmaneuvered on a battleground it doesn't even understand it is on.
But under the current system, two-thirds of the states are ignored during presidential campaigns, and too many subsequent presidential policy decisions are made based on the needs of battleground states.
Filmed in black-and-white that looks like war correspondent photographs, Battleground follows the events in the life of one squad.
Speaking at a rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a key battleground in the election, Mr McCain, 72, said: "How many times, my friends, have the pundits written off the McCain campaign?
MIDDLESBROUGH Ju Jitsu Club host Battleground 10 at the Redcar Bowl this Saturday night.
This change in urban influence is far different from close elections in 1960 and 1976, when ten out of eleven of our largest-population states were battlegrounds; now only four of these states are a battleground, joined by only one of the thirteen smallest-population states and a minority of the ones in between.
As a campaign strategist, the winning calculus is simple: you ignore the safe states and focus on the handful of battleground states that decide the winner.
Even if you live outside these three battleground states, there's work to be done--particularly since antiequality activists are organized nationwide.
A wealth of resources for the reader to draw upon, including websites noted for their accuracy and lists of visitor centers, museums, and battleground sites open to the public, Battlegrounds Of Freedom is a vital resource especially for re-enactment groups but also useful to historians and casual readers alike.