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BHDBahraini Dinar (ISO currency code)
BHDBlack Hawk Down (book and movie)
BHDBirt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome
BHDBad Hair Day
BHDBuprénorphine Haut Dosage (French: High Dosage Buprenorphine)
BHDBelfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - Belfast Harbor (Airport Code)
BHDBackhoe Dredger
BHDBehavioral Health Director
BHDBachelor Housing Division
BHDBottom Horizontal Discharge
BHDBlood Hunger Doctrine (gaming guild)
BHDBerner Hammer Drill
BHDBreast Height Diameter (trees)
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Despite initial shock, Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring had concentrated 24,000 troops around the beachhead within 48 hours.
Haider said Beachhead advisers are located in China, Japan, Europe, India, Middle East, North and South America, Southeast Asia and New Zealand.
Hitler made the beachhead swell briefly - Hitler, and the Arab countries that expelled their Jews.
Beachhead partners will develop in retail trade areas such as Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jackson, and Mobile, as well as outlying areas.
The X Corps, he explained, would withdraw to the Hungnam-Wonsan area and establish a beachhead.
5 million laptops stolen in 2004 alone, companies have too much to lose to simply rely on users and policies to keep critical data safe and secure," said Jim Obot, President and CEO, Beachhead Solutions.
It's GM's opportunity to establish a regional beachhead because they're looking to establish a greater presence in southern Africa.
Partnership with Beachhead Solutions Offers Service to Deliver Enterprise-Controlled Data Elimination on PCs and Laptops
The acquisition of 379 Broadway will establish a beachhead for us as we seek investment opportunities in [the neighborhood].
The PCL, to them, wasn't the same after the Dodgers and Giants left New York in 1957 and established a new West Coast beachhead.
NATO's intervention made it possible for the radical Muslim terrorist network to gain its European beachhead in the Balkans.
Accompanied by seven female officers, known as the "Seven Hallelujah Lassies," Railton shed a Salvation Army beachhead in New York City.