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BEASTBedevilled Audio System
BEASTBirmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre
BEASTBasic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (US Air Force)
BEASTBaikonur Enterprise Application Server Technology
BEASTBattle Engagement And Simulation Tracking :-)
BEASTBrookings Economics and Statistical Translator
BEASTBenefiting Endangered Animals and Species Threatened (est. 2005)
BEASTBidirectional Efficient Algorithm for Searching Trees
References in classic literature ?
Well, there is a wild beast smell all around here," admitted Tom, sniffing the air.
Fuchs put in a cheerful word and said prairie dogs were clean beasts and ought to be good for food, but their family connections were against them.
They had come almost to the little knot of men before they were seen, and by this time Paulvitch had become assured that the beast meant no harm.
You who listen," I cried, pointing now to Moreau and shouting past him to the Beast Men,--" You who listen
He is your beast,' I said; 'if he was mine he would be shot now.
Little Toto, now that he had an enemy to face, ran barking toward the Lion, and the great beast had opened his mouth to bite the dog, when Dorothy, fearing Toto would be killed, and heedless of danger, rushed forward and slapped the Lion upon his nose as hard as she could, while she cried out:
Tarzan would have liked to subdue the ugly beast without recourse to knife or arrows.
Writing the words L'Empereur Napoleon in numbers, it appears that the sum of them is 666, and that Napoleon therefore the beast foretold in the Apocalypse.
No other sounds came to his ears than the dismal, bloodthirsty moanings of the beast ahead and the beast behind.
It is hard to face any savage beast without a sinking of the heart, but still more terrifying is it to face an unknown beast, which you have never seen even a picture of.
It might have been produced by the moving of the great body of some huge beast rising from the rock floor of its lair.
Instead, I leaped back into the water and swam out toward the drowning beast.