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BRBrasil/Brazil (top level domain)
BRBest Regards
BRBreak (HTML)
BRBritish Rail
BRBritish Railways (company)
BRBusiness Registration
BRMist (Meteorological Report)
BRBroker Reciprocity (real estate)
BRBuild Report
BRBromley (postcode, United Kingdom)
BRBundesrat (Austrian Parlamentary Institution)
BRBirth Rate
BRBudget Report
BRBusiness Register
BRBase Register
BRButadiene Rubber (polybutadiene rubber)
BRBrigate Rosse (Italian Terrorist Group)
BRPetrobrás Distribuidora (Brazil)
BRBureau of Reclamation
BRBusiness Roundtable
BRBrindisi, Puglia (Italian province)
BRBroad Ripple (Indiana)
BRRadiocommunication Bureau
BRbudget review (US DoD)
BRBreeder Reactor
BRBurst Rate (data communications)
BRBridleway (UK planning & zoning)
BRBusiness Result
BREva Airways Corporation (IATA airline code)
BRBuilder's Risk
BRBuffer Register
BRBreastroke (swimming)
BRBrigade de Recherche (French: Research Brigade)
BRBanque de la Réunion (French: Bank of Reunion)
BRBusiness Reform
BRBreak Rate
BRBrother Rat
BRBomber Reconnaissance
BRBanlieue Rouge (Quebec punk band)
BRBâtiment Réacteur (French: Reactor Building)
BRButadiene Resin
bRBitte Rücksprache (German: Please Contact)
BRBuddy Ride
BRBottom Reflection
BRBlade Rate
BRBuffalo Regals
BRBreak Relay
BRBackward Reporting
BRBridgewire Resistance
BRBahama Route
BRBloc Réacteur (French: Reactor Unit)
BRBattle Rezz (gaming)
BRBrandenberger+Ruosch AG
BRBabe Ruth (baseball player)
BRBattery Return
BRBatch Reactor (chemical reactor where volume is constant and the contents are well-mixed)
BRBattle Royale (Japanese movie)
BRBottle Rockets (band)
BRBlackground Records (record label)
BRBidirectional Ring
BRBanco Reformador
BRBangladesh Railway
BRBairro (Portuguese postal use)
BRBinary Restenosis
BRBlood Rayne (video game)
BRBombing Run (Unreal Tournament 2003 game mode)
BRBoys Rule
BRBlack Reign (TNA iMPACT gaming wrestler)
BRBellevue Reporter (community newspaper)
BRBandwidth Request
BRBook of Reference
BRBluRay (Disc)
BRBanana Republic (clothing store)
BRBattle Rifle (gaming, Halo)
BRBoilermaker (USN Rating)
BRBong Rip
BRBills Receivable
BRBiological Research
BRBit Rate
BRBad Register
BRBad Religion (band)
BRBank Roll
BRBasic Research
BRBathroom Reader
BRBats Right (baseball)
BRBaskin Robbins (ice cream stores)
BRBayerischer Rundfunk (Southern German Radio Station)
BRBatch Record (pharmaceutical product recipe)
BRBeam Rifle (anime, Mobile Suit Gundam)
BRBlack Adder
BRBaloch Regiment (Pakistan)
BRBari (postal region, Somalia)
BRBattle Realms (PC game)
BRBohemian Rhapsody
BRBlue Rodeo (band)
BRBoca Raton (Florida)
BRBaton Rouge
BRBend Radius (cable flexibility)
BRBlockade Runner (game)
BRBharat Rakshak
BRBlackburn Rovers
BRBlonde Redhead (band)
BRBatman Returns (1992 movie)
BRBloody Roar (video game)
BRBoundary Representation
BRBiological and Radiological
BRBlade Runner (movie)
BRBible Review
BRBackbone Router
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Chobanian AV, Lille RD, Tercyak A et al: The metabolic and hemodynamic effects of prolonged bedrest in normal subjects.
Nurses expected an order for bedrest and no sequential compression devices (SCDs); physical therapists expected an order for ambulation, if anticoagulated; and physicians recommended ambulation with additional treatments.
Three of the four more serious complications that occurred were managed with suturing or bedrest.
Symptom management includes bedrest, antipyretics, cough suppressants, and adequate fluid intake.
WITH a threatened abortion, you'll be advised to go to bed for 24 hours to wait and see - bedrest helps by increasing the flow of blood to the uterus.
Nonoperative treatment consists of appropriate intravenous antibiotics and cervical spine immobilization which includes bedrest and an orthosis for ambulation.
When Mary became pregnant a third time doctors put in a cervical stitch in an attempt to keep the neck of the womb closed, and she was admitted to hospital for complete bedrest at 20 weeks.
Additionally, inactivity, bedrest, pain and influence of the hospital environment make accurate assessment of tone difficult.
Recovery of orthostatic function in healthy young adults after prolonged bedrest can take several weeks; it may take considerably longer in elders.
She was immediately admitted to hospital for complete bedrest and given a course of antibiotics to get rid of any infection.
2] PRN Consider intubation and hyperventilation Consider mannitol Consider blood products (cryo, FFP, PLT and/or PRBCs) Consider surgery Apply pressure to compressible sites for major or minor systemic bleeding Activity: Bedrest Change position q1-2 hrs as tolerated Nutrition: NPO Admission weight: Cardinal sign: Care Element 2-24 hrs post-ICH Consults: Same Assessments: VS q1 hr and PRN Cardinal sign, neuro exam GCS/pupil check q1 hr and PRN Monitor ECG Monitor [SVO.
Convinced he has the flu, he stays home on bedrest for 2 days, after which time he is feeling somewhat better.