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A bedroom with gas in it was what he was used to, was what he wanted, and was what he was determined to have.
And, as he had done every day for the last nine years, he stretched out his hand, without getting up, towards the place where his dressing-gown always hung in his bedroom.
Why, I'm just thinkin' where in Sam Hill's the bed an' stuff for the back bedroom.
By degrees he ventured further in--right into the bedroom.
He hastened to the side-door with Ali, entered hurriedly, and by the servants' staircase, of which he had the key, gained his bedroom without opening or disarranging a single curtain, without even the porter having the slightest suspicion that the house, which he supposed empty, contained its chief occupant.
The bedroom door had hardly been closed a minute before there was a tap at it.
He caught up everything which would betray him, and he rushed into your bedroom to conceal himself"
The door between the bedroom and this study was locked, and the key was taken out.
Godfrey took advantage of this hesitation to get back again to his bedroom before you came out, and discovered him.
The coming in here from the bedroom, with my pen and ink and paper, before sunrise--the sitting down at the widely- opened window to get all the air I could to cool me--the ceaseless writing, faster and faster, hotter and hotter, driving on more and more wakefully, all through the dreadful interval before the house was astir again--how clearly I recall it, from the beginning by candle-light, to the end on the page before this, in the sunshine of the new day!
Dowler offered to relieve them of a bedroom and sitting-room.
After sitting opposite to it for some time, and the shades of evening beginning to melt into darkness, he gave up the task and went to his bedroom, after locking the door of the turret-room behind him and taking away the key.