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BEEFBulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund
BEEFBig Explosives Experimental Facility (US DoE)
BEEFBalance Eyes Elbow Follow-through (Basketball)
BEEFBusiness & Engineering Enriched Fortran
BEEFBase Engineer Emergency Force(s)
BEEFBack End Enters First (laparoscopy)
BEEFBusiness Economics Education Foundation (Minneapolis, MN)
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Well, they can eat beef and bread and butter, if they are hungry, only it's mortifying to have to spend your whole morning for nothing," thought Jo, as she rang the bell half an hour later than usual, and stood, hot, tired, and dispirited, surveying the feast spread before Laurie, accustomed to all sorts of elegance, and Miss Crocker, whose tattling tongue would report them far and wide.
She works in a canning factory, and all day long she handles cans of beef that weigh fourteen pounds.
would have damped their ardor at once, reduced them from venison to beef, and stiffened their sides and sinews like the locomotive.
Medlock had bought a lunchbasket at one of the stations and they had some chicken and cold beef and bread and butter and some hot tea.
Stewed beef and carrots and gooseberry tart, for Number Two.
well," said the Squire, throwing himself indifferently into his chair, and speaking in a ponderous coughing fashion, which was felt in Raveloe to be a sort of privilege of his rank, while he cut a piece of beef, and held it up before the deer-hound that had come in with him.
Even our digestion is governed by angels," said Blake; and if you will resist the trivial inclination to substitute "bad angels," is there really any greater mystery than the process by which beef is turned into brains, and beer into beauty?
I smell roast beef cooking," he mumbled-- "underdone roast beef--with brown gravy over it.
Then the old man told the Irishman to mount, and to remember to throw a quarter of beef to her every time she looked round.
Here they came upon numerous droves of buffalo, and halted for the purpose of procuring a supply of beef.
The work he had to do at home, besides putting on his best clothes, made it seven before he was on his way again to the Hall Farm, and it was questionable whether, with his longest and quickest strides, he should be there in time even for the roast beef, which came after the plum pudding, for Mrs.
The two Canadians, Vallee and Le Clerc, killed a young buffalo bull in the evening, which was in good condition, and afforded them a plentiful supply of fresh beef.