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BEIRUT: Caretaker Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi signaled Wednesday his support for a new law authorizing a rise in rental fees, an issue long championed by beleaguered landlords.
The walkout adds to the beleaguered national carrier's woes days after one of its planes exploded in India's worst aviation accident in over a decade.
The Prime Minister on January 14 talking about his own beleaguered Work and Pensions Secretary: "Peter Hain is doing a great job.
The bureaucracy now understands how beleaguered and isolated the Vice President has become.
The immense power of this set of books lies in the reverence for "dreaming," a tribal Druidic tradition that guides all decision patterns of the beleaguered Eceni and other tribes.
An 8-K filing by beleaguered Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc.
To convince Christians to stay in the beleaguered land, he began planting thousands of trees and vineyards.
In an emotional narrative, Mitchell takes the reader along as she travels to some of the Earth's most beleaguered areas, including the nearly deforested lands of Madagascar and the declining deserts of Jordan, where the few plant and animal species there struggle to survive and disappearing natural resources threaten the human population.
No word yet if rock millionaire Mellencamp is planning Blue State Aid, to help the beleaguered urban taxpayers keeping his Seymour relatives high on the government hog.
Beleaguered betting office manager Wirral Merseyside
By nightfall the men of this beleaguered American platoon had killed over 500 elite German troops while defending a strategically vital hill without reinforcement or artillery support.
Several neighbors ran to help the beleaguered pet owner, but could not control the dog, which began menacing the rescuers.