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BZBenzodiazepine (class of sedative drugs)
BZBolzano - Bozen (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)
BZBuffer Zone
BZBraunschweiger Zeitung (German newspaper)
BZ3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate
BZBattle Zone
BZBronx Zoo (New York)
BZBacitracin Zinc (antibiotic)
BZBranch on Zero (IBM)
BZBundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
BZBionicle Zone
BZBleedzao (discussion forum)
BZBuckled Zones
BZBlutzucker (German: Blood Sugar)
BZBrillouin Zone
BZBerliner Zeitung (German: Berlin Times)
BZBelow Zone
BZBelousov-Zhabotinsky (reaction; thermodynamics)
BZBelow Zero
BZBravo Zulu (term for Good Job/Well Done)
BZBreathing Zone
BZBenzilic Acid
BZBone Zone
BZBautzen (german auto license plate)
BZBeach Zone
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Identify the macro and micro-economic trends affecting the Benzene industry in Italy
was said to have walked into the exchange house armed with a bottle full of benzene and a lighter in May.
Asia-Pacific is dominating the market for benzene and will continue to account for almost half of global demand.
Children are especially vulnerable to benzene because their bodies are still developing, said Lisa Arkin, executive director of the Eugene-based Oregon Toxics Alliance, which focuses on environmental health issues.
com/research/66kdv9/global_benzene) has announced the addition of the "Global Benzene Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020" report to their offering.
Benzene is thought to result when a chemical reacts with vitamin C in fruit.
UCLA's Tom Shih and his colleagues detected MTBE in the ground at 83 percent of the leaking tanks, making it nearly as prevalent as benzene.
Local air regulators have reined in toxic air contamination from industrial sources - even phasing out perchloroethylene, the chemical commonly used in dry cleaning - but state and federal agencies have not made similarly strong cuts on diesel, benzene and other toxics found in vehicle exhaust.
The aromatic center of TPPI will have an annual capacity to produce 500,000 tons of paraxylene, 207,000 tons of benzene, 100,000 tons of toluene and 120,000 tons of orthoxylene.
This increases the chances for benzene ring decomposition and carbon defect formation.
company handled the marketing of 120,000 tons of PX and 108,000 tons of benzene a year.
Outdoor and indoor benzene concentrations have fallen in recent years, a result of declines in cigarette smoking and of regulations that permit less benzene in gasoline and consumer products, says Lance Wallace of the Environmental Protection Agency in Reston, Va.