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BQBloc Québécois (Canadian political party)
BQBusiness Intelligence
BQBe Quiet
BQBuild Quality
BQNavassa Island
BQBenzoquinone (gene-altering drug)
BQBest Qualified
BQBroadcast Quality
BQBicycle Queensland (Australia)
BQBills of Quantities
BQBeam Quality (lasers)
BQBill of Quantity
BQBetel Quid (plant leaves chewed in Asia)
BQBank Qualified (municipal bond tax classification)
BQBoys' Quarters
BQBasically Qualified
BQBasic Qualification
BQBoston Qualify (Boston Marathon; Massachusetts)
BQBranch Qualification
BQBattle Quest (gaming league)
BQBiographical Questionnaire
BQBene Quiescat (Latin: May He Rest Well, epigraphy)
BQBachelor's Quarters (US military)
BQBerkeley Quality (quality control program, UC-Berkeley)
BQBranch Qualifying (US Army officer course)
BQBranch Qualified (US Army officer rating)
BQBatch Quality
BQBanquetzal (Guatemala)
BQBehavioral Quotient
BQBarrier's Questionnaire (medical checklist)
BQBackup Quantity
BQBonus Question
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Using benzoquinone as the model toxicant, Mason and Liebler (2000) observed cysteine as a preferred target for quinone-induced toxicity.
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1996 (a)DIMBOA = 2,4-dihydroxy-7-methoxy-1,4-benzoxazin-3- one; gramine = N,N-dimethyl- 3-aminomethylindole; hordenie = 4-(2-dimethylam inoethyl)phenol; scopoletin = 6-methoxy-7-hydroxycoumarin; sorgoleone = 2- hydroxy-5-methoxy-3[8'Z,11' Z)-8',11',14'-pentadecatrienyl]-p- benzoquinone.
General procedure for the syntheses of Benzoquinone intermediates (A)
Of all the metabolites of benzene, benzoquinone formation in bone marrow has been suggested as key step in oxidative damage [25].
A novel chlorinated benzoquinone antibiotic, mycenon (13), was isolated from the culture broth of a basidiomycete, Mycelia sp.
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DHTQ performs this function through the redox transition of the benzoquinone ring.