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BQBloc Québécois (Canadian political party)
BQBusiness Intelligence
BQBe Quiet
BQBuild Quality
BQNavassa Island
BQBenzoquinone (gene-altering drug)
BQBest Qualified
BQBroadcast Quality
BQBicycle Queensland (Australia)
BQBills of Quantities
BQBeam Quality (lasers)
BQBill of Quantity
BQBetel Quid (plant leaves chewed in Asia)
BQBank Qualified (municipal bond tax classification)
BQBoys' Quarters
BQBasically Qualified
BQBasic Qualification
BQBoston Qualify (Boston Marathon; Massachusetts)
BQBranch Qualification
BQBattle Quest (gaming league)
BQBiographical Questionnaire
BQBene Quiescat (Latin: May He Rest Well, epigraphy)
BQBachelor's Quarters (US military)
BQBerkeley Quality (quality control program, UC-Berkeley)
BQBranch Qualifying (US Army officer course)
BQBranch Qualified (US Army officer rating)
BQBatch Quality
BQBanquetzal (Guatemala)
BQBehavioral Quotient
BQBarrier's Questionnaire (medical checklist)
BQBackup Quantity
BQBonus Question
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Measurement of adducts of benzoquinone with hemoglobin and albumin.
Adducts of the benzoquinones decreased with age at about 0.
Gunatilaka AAL, Berger JM, Evans R, Miller JS, Wisse JH, Neddermann KM, Bursuker I, Kingston DGI (2001) Isolation, Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of bioative benzoquinones from Miconia lepidota from the Suriname rainforest.
These results are consistent with our previously published work showing that naphthoquinones and benzoquinones are capable of selectively modifying RyR1 channels in a time- and concentration-dependent manner (Feng et al.
Research in the ecological chemistry of harvestmen has so far been focused on gonyleptomorph Laniatores, all of which produce a mixture of benzoquinones (at least 37 different molecules), while the chemistry of the defensive secretion is not known for even a single member of the Dyspnoi and is known for only one travunioid, Sclerobunus nondimorphicus Briggs 1971.
Chemically, phenols and benzoquinones predominate within laniatorid secretions, while acyclic components and, at least in Phalangium opilio Linnaeus 1758, also naphthoquinones (Wiemer et al.
It is called a "bombardier" because it ejects a hot, highly noxious spray of aqueous benzoquinones, oxygen, and steam as a defense mechanism against would-be predators (Aneshansley et al.
The allergens of exotic woods are primarily benzoquinones and napthoquinones.