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In Berlin my life is a continued round of gaiety in the imperial palace.
Philip's uncle had an old friend, called Miss Wilkinson, who lived in Berlin.
Anyway," she said to him in English, "you understand my German as well as they did in Berlin.
I thought of your family when I was passing through Berlin.
He would have a far better chance of understanding some dweller in Paris or Rome, Berlin or Madrid, than these countrymen of his who have lived for the last two thousand years not two hundred miles from the City of London.
Ostensibly she went to get some shades of Berlin wool, at a tolerably respectable shop that was chiefly supported by the ladies of the vicinity: really--I trust there is no breach of charity in supposing that she went with the idea of meeting either with the Rector himself, or some other admirer by the way; for as we went along, she kept wondering 'what Hatfield would do or say, if we met him,' &c.
Petersburg and Berlin, and then back to Berlin again.
Some, such as those of Paris, Petersburg, Berlin, Stockholm, Hamburg, Malta, Lisbon, Benares, Madras, and others, transmitted their good wishes; the rest maintained a prudent silence, quietly awaiting the result.
I found her, as usual, busy with some piece of soft embroidery (the mania for Berlin wools had not yet commenced), while her sister was seated at the chimney-corner, with the cat on her knee, mending a heap of stockings.
Italians realize this, as is natural; those of them who are so unfortunate as to serve as waiters in Berlin call the Anhalt Bahnhof the Stazione d'Italia, because by it they must return to their homes.
You said that it was worth a hundred thousand pounds; in Berlin they say it's priceless.
I know fairly well what the feeling is in Vienna and Berlin.