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BERMBiological and Environmental Reference Materials
BERMBasin Excess Rainfall Map
BERMBeach Erosion Research and Monitoring (Coastal Carolina University)
BERMBureau of Environmental Regulation and Management (San Francisco, CA)
BERMBit Error Rate Monitor
BERMBiomatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
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The Berm uses triangular-shaped, polymer-coated foam support blocks for sidewall structure and a heavy duty PVC material as the liner for the constructed spill containment area.
It was not just the roads, but people also construct these berms connecting their house with the pavements.
A berm house can remain somewhat above ground, with at least one wall being sheltered entirely by the earth.
Most workers will be hired by the end of 2014 as the berm is completed and work on the project ramps up.
We compared the height of the stick berm in nests built in boxes with large versus small holes and found a significant difference with larger berms in boxes with larger entrance holes ([n.
The head of Telkif municipality, Bashar Kiki, explained that the digging and creating of berms continues in all villages in the area to protect the multi-ethnical components there.
This might reduce the need to build protective berms," said Kohut.
A young girl was found behind the berm suffering from a gunshot wound.
Enemy activity at this location has decreased significantly since the berm is no longer there for insurgents to hide behind.
Dear Tree Doctor: We had some evergreen trees planted on a berm behind our home in early June.
Each drip pillow berm consists of a jacket with a replaceable absorbent pillow inside.
The Speedi-Berm secondary containment system uses spring-loaded aluminum buttresses to enable quick deployment and firm support of foldable, yet I upright and sturdy berm walls.