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BESOMBrookhaven Energy System Optimization Model
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A birch besom was placed aslant in the open doorway of a house, with the head of the besom on the doorstone, and the top of the handle on the doorpost.
One of them described women going to the Sabbat on foot or on sticks, `flying through the air like birds', and the manuscript illustrated the point with two marginal miniatures showing one woman astride a besom and the other riding a long, stout staff.
In fact, this should be another excellent afternoon for Reveley's Saltburn stable and she can complete a four-timer with Tom's River in the Besom Inn Handicap Chase (2.
Many marriages were common law unions, involving such practices as jumping the broomstick, or besom, or in the new industrial north of England, `jumping brush and steel'.
Witches didn't really fly around on brooms, but the broom, called a besom, is a tool for the high priestess.
The show, titled Besom, will see Jay turn her back on the anxiety of expectation and decide to frolic in the fun of failure.
Max via email AYOU will need to wait until the casts and lawn are fully dry before using a besom broom - that's the kind a witch flies on - to spread them across the lawn.
He is married to Toni, one of the founders of the Besom charity on the Wirral, which brings volunteers and agencies together.
The "Complaint" begins with a proemium in which Elia paraphrases the Society's goal: "The all-sweeping besom of societarian reformation--your only modern Alcides' club to rid the time of its abuses--is uplift with many-handed sway to extirpate the last fluttering tatters of the bugbear Mendicity from the metropolis" (Elia 262).
GERALD the Joker has been in the doghouse since he arrived home from his Friday night 'Good Old Boys' meeting at The Besom in Coldstream hauling behind him an unwilling black Labrador straining at the leash.
ZENA SAYS: What you're after is a besom broom: usually a bundle of twigs tied to a pole.
You can brush the casts away when they are dry with a besom.