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BESOMBrookhaven Energy System Optimization Model
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5: In which sport are the terms besom, button, hog and house used?
Hy probeer sy besom die nuwe verhaal sy eie te maak--deur selfs die Bybel letterlik op te eet.
I miss the heath, its yellow furze Molehills and rabbit tracks that lead Through besom ling and teasel burrs That spread a wilderness indeed
Davenport unlocks his word hoard--peering through cracks, we have already seen hints of its riches: chirr, besom, peplum, and pinguid.
with the besom of destruction' and censures the government for
A stiff yard brush or a besom broom (witch's broom) is ideal.
Echoing Isaiah 14:23 ("and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction"), (41) he promises his followers, "I am the besom that must sweep the court clean of such filth" (4.
All the cobwebs of sophistry and metaphysics about State rights and State sovereignty he brushed away with a mighty besom [broom].
Matching flat-front pants with a set-on waistband, belt loops, front-zip closure and besom pockets complete Shoot the Moon's camo line.
For example, besom (broom) weddings were extremely common in eighteenth century Wales.
In fact, this should be another excellent afternoon for Reveley's Saltburn stable and she can complete a four-timer with Tom's River in the Besom Inn Handicap Chase (2.
Many marriages were common law unions, involving such practices as jumping the broomstick, or besom, or in the new industrial north of England, `jumping brush and steel'.