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We don't know what NICE will finally recommend on beta-interferon and other MS drugs.
He and his wife Julie, 48, are devastated that he was refused beta-interferon.
Another postdoctoral scholar in the Steinman lab, Brigit deJong, MD, the study's second author, had previously been involved in research in Amsterdam in which multiple-sclerosis patients were treated with beta-interferon and meticulously followed up.
She said although she could not use beta-interferon herself, barring the drug would take away the incentive for further research into drugs for different strands of MS.
One London consultant said yesterday: "we are very fearful that beta-interferon will not be given the green light.
This news release contains forward-looking statements about extending the clinical applications and the commercialization of transgenic recombinant hGH and beta-interferon, the patent protection that will be provided to these products, and scale-up of production in large animals.
The Committee recommended that TYSABRI be used as single disease modifying therapy either in patients with highly active relapsing-remitting MS who have failed to respond to treatment with a beta-interferon, or in patients who have rapidly evolving severe relapsing-remitting MS.
The Group expanded its worldwide position in the human fertility market, while sales of Saizen(R), a recombinant DNA human growth hormone, the Group's first genetically engineered product, and Frone(R), Ares-Serono's native beta-interferon, were particularly strong.
To date, Aegis has licensed Intravail(TM) for beta-interferon, low molecular weight heparin, and for up to three undisclosed pediatric drugs.
to include beta-interferon and low molecular weight heparin and has since initiated feasibility studies on a growing number of additional peptide and protein therapeutics for several pharmaceutical clients.
ITI") and Aegis Therapeutics ("Aegis") today announced that they have expanded their collaborative agreement to apply Aegis' patented Intravail(TM) drug delivery technology to intranasal heparin and beta-interferon.
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