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BSTSBring Something to Share (volunteer gatherings)
BSTSBase Station Transceiver Subsystem
BSTSBetter Safe Than Sorry
BSTSBritish Society for the Turin Shroud
BSTSBackside Tailslide (skateboarding)
BSTSBradford Stage and Theatre School (UK)
BSTSBattle Staff Training System
BSTSBase Shop Test Station
BSTSBrumman Satellite
BSTSBattalion Staff Training System
BSTSBoost Surveillance & Tracking System
BSTSBallistic Surveillance and Tracking System
BSTSBrighton Secondary Technical School (UK)
BSTSBritish Shroud of Turin Society
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Also check out any lumps that develop - they may be nothing to worry about but better safe than sorry.
Some say better safe than sorry, but it still can be maintained
The natural tendency is to stay away from the product entirely-the theory being better safe than sorry.
With backups, the old maxim applies: Better safe than sorry.
It is a case of better safe than sorry, a Network Rail spokesman said.
While some say it's snooping, others think better safe than sorry.
Some barrels have match chambers that are tighter than normal SAAMI chambers; better safe than sorry.
Sulik adds, "I happen to believe that it takes a high blood-alcohol concentration to cause problems [for the fetus], but the bottom line is that we don't know, and better safe than sorry.
The magazine well is flared, which almost seems redundant for a pointy-topped double-column pistol; but better safe than sorry.
Better safe than sorry was the response from health professionals around the world.
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