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BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
BEVBlacksburg Electronic Village
BEVBundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (Austria)
BEVBell ExpressVu (Canada)
BEVBird's Eye View
BEVBlack English Vernacular
BEVBeam's Eye View (radiation therapy imaging technique)
BEVBillion Electron Volts
BEVBusiness Enterprise Value
BEVBoot Entry Vector
BEVBio-Electronique Vincent (French: Bio-Electronic Vincent; internal environment analysis)
BEVBeersheba, Israel - Domestic Airport (airport code)
BEVBordeaux Evasion Voyages (French: Bordeaux Escape Travel; travel agency; France)
BEVBlack Entertainment Video (French video sharing website)
BEVBureau d'Etudes Techniques Véra (French: Vera Office of Technical Studies; engineering firm)
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Was it fate that brought another ex-racehorse, Master Beveled, to the Centre?
By the US stallion Beveled out of Miss Anniversary, he was foaled on April 14, 1990, and his ewe neck, dipped back and very long pasterns did not augur well for his prospects.
The working foot is maintained in its beveled position as it lowers, which places the toes on the floor away from (not against or next to) the back of the supporting heel.
A group of beveled glass frames highlight characters such as Taz.
RACING: Welsh trainer David Evans will again take on Champion Hurdler Istabraq with Master Beveled in the Avonmore Waterford Hatton's Grace Hurdle at Fairyhouse on Sunday.
At Sandown, Shadow Leader failed to boost his Champion Hurdle chances in the Agfa Hurdle, when a slow early pace and sprint finish left Master Beveled to land a shock under Tony McCoy.
Because the top of the plateau shows few gouges, the oceanographers propose that it was beveled smooth by a thick ice shelf during the most recent ice age.
He inserted and secured the panels and added the beveled 1-by-6s to the posts.
HDPE Beveled Edge Has the Potential to Save Municipalities Significant Infrastructure Repair Expenses
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of sterile beveled soft tracheobronchial aspiration probe for single use (without eye) for the raymond poincare hospital.
collection with a contemporary railing option - Trex Transcend Beveled Railing.
Some of the features included are double-glass entry doors, marble reception areas, drywall ceilings, full height cherry wood doors with framed, beveled sidelites, high-grade carpeting, upgraded pantries with stainless steel appliances and Corian countertops.