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BXBase Exchange (AAFES; US Air Force base retail store)
BXBronx (New York)
BXBronx (New York county)
BXBase Register
BXBrand X
BXBroker Exchange (real estate)
BXBasic Armored Cable
BXBitch X Linux IRC Client
BXBuffered Crossbar
BXStandard Callsign for British Transport Police
BXB&X Corporation
BXBuilder Accessory
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In this study, a novel technique known as CLSF was used to measure the biaxial viscosity of six commercial polymer melts with both branched and linear structures.
An added benefit of utilizing E'GRID Biaxial Geogrids for flex-pavement applications is the ability to spread aggregate loads more evenly, increasing the continued long-term performance and longevity of trafficked areas while reducing the cost of road, storage yard or parking lot construction.
The linear elastic stress field at the crack tip under biaxial loading condition can be expressed as follows (plane stress problem) [3]:
Therefore, a sensor with strain gauges was designed for the purpose of biaxial force measurement.
Triaxial tests generally comprise the deformation of a cylindrical specimen or rectangular parallelepiped, while biaxial tests allow us to investigate plane strain behaviour.
Biaxial flexural strength of the samples was found to be higher for 1100 [degrees]C sintered samples.
To make the biaxial strain approach work for CMOS transistors requires another wafer layer.
The latex was placed within the biaxial fixture, the grid clamped beneath the cap, and the sample pressurized just enough to prevent the Os[O.
Different orientation processes have been investigated in order to do so: die-drawing for oriented tubes and shapes, roll-drawing for flat and simple geometry profiles, and uniaxial and biaxial solid state extrusion.
Designed for soil stabilization, base reinforcement and subgrade improvement used in road reinforcement, parking lots and even airport runways where stresses are in two directions, The ADS BX Series Biaxial Geogrids are produced from polypropylene (PP) using punched and drawn technology and available in six versions.
2], whereas the orientation of the gratings is random with respect to each other due to the complexity of biaxial stress field created during the tensile-FIS splitting.
The Bladerunner BR RIB35 fibreglass powerboat's laminate construction, designed and manufactured by Surrey-based ICE Marine Ltd, uses a combination of chopped strand matting, biaxial and unidirectional glass and carbon fibre fabrics, as well as PVC foam cores and sandwich laminate sections used extensively in the structural design of both the hull and deck.