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BILlBwrdd Iechyd Lleol (Welsh: Local Health Board)
BILLBeer Industry League of Louisiana
BILLBainbridge Island Little League (Washington)
BILLBofors Infantry Light and Lethal Anti-Tank Missile (Sweden)
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Recovering from the first effects of his surprise, he took Waldemar Fitzurse and De Bracy aside, and put the billet into their hands successively.
You are two friends of mine who are in want of a billet, and what could be more natural than that I should bring you both round to the managing director?
You must prepare yourself for a querulous invalid, and for no sinecure if you get the billet.
Dash me if I can stand it: I'll throw up the billet.
His friend replied with some unwillingness, and after much ineffectual entreaty having for its object the immediate settlement of the business, that his quarters would be at the Crooked Billet in Tower Street; where he would be found waking until midnight, and sleeping until breakfast time to-morrow.
I wouldn't have thrown up my new billet for a fortune.
It is an established axiom, that 'every bullet has its billet.
He was taken to the Bessemer furnace, where they made billets of steel--a domelike building, the size of a big theater.
This is one of the bons mots of Alexander VI, and refers to the ease with which Charles VIII seized Italy, implying that it was only necessary for him to send his quartermasters to chalk up the billets for his soldiers to conquer the country.
ventured to take billets from the corsage of Mademoiselle de Hautefort.
There's the Billets and the Drenkhards and the Greys and the St Quintins and the Hardys and the Goulds, who used to own the lands for miles down this valley; you could buy 'em all up now for an old song a'most.
If I could only cut the thoughts out of me," he said to himself, "as I am going to cut the billets out of this wood