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BDGBuilding (usually seen as BLDG)
BDGBusiness Development Group
BDGBundaberg (Queensland, Australia)
BDGBandag, Inc. (stock symbol; Muscatine, IA)
BDGBanque de Dépots et de Gestion (French; Swiss bank)
BDGBlanding, Utah (airport code)
BDGBlagues de Geek (French: Geek Jokes; website)
BDGBatten's Disease Gene
BDGBiological Diversity of the Guiana Shield (Smithsonian Institute)
BDGBuilding Diagnostics Group (Atlanta, GA)
BDGBenefit Development Group (Providence, RI)
BDGBremer Design GmbH (Germany)
BDGBen Davis Giants (high school team)
BDGBroadband Data Gateway
BDGBig Dopey Grin
BDGBiodiversity-Gram (biology)
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That the telephone is now doing most of all, in this binding together of all manner of men, is perhaps not too much to claim, when we remember that there are now in the United States seventy thousand holders of Bell telephone stock and ten million users of telephone service.
The report is a source of valuable information for vendors developing LF binding analysis systems, and provides the latest market information on this rapidly changing area.
B) Half leather binding for Grant-in-aid register (full scape size)
into a binding contract to proceed with the transaction, as opposed to immediately before the closing date.
The latest generation of artificial olfactory and gustatory systems uses a variety of binding interactions to produce optical cues, such as changes in color or fluorescence, some of which can be seen with the naked eye.
Merrill Lynch argued that under Paparo (71 TC 692 (1979)), the test could not be applied without a fixed and binding plan.
Current ski designs locate binding pivot points between the center of the heel radius and the back of the boot.
It is commonly assumed that soluble binding proteins act as antagonists by binding the hormone and preventing interaction with physiological receptors.
In addition, there is a "final and binding" clause that appears on the back of each suggestion form submitted by Muncy that states: "All decisions final--Decisions by the suggestion committee are final and binding on the suggester, the suggestion committee and General Motors Corp.
Although the Commission does not have the authority to require the parties to submit to binding arbitration, we continue to strongly encourage them to submit to binding arbitration.
Prior to the final COI regulations, no clear guidance existed as to whether fluctuations in value that take place during the period between the binding contract date and the effective date of the reorganization affect COI.
The researchers spaced the peptides to match the array of binding sites on PA.